10 Ideas For Starting A Small Business

The atmosphere for success in small business enterprises in the United States is ripe for the taking by daring and innovative entrepreneurs.

The 2012 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor found 43 percent of U.S. entrepreneurs see good opportunities for their startup. The level was 36 percent in 2011, 35 percent in 2010, 28 percent in 2009 and … well, you get the point. The fact is opportunity perception among U.S. entrepreneurs is at a 14-year high.

Still not impressed? Think your best ideas for starting a small business are light years behind you? Think again, because it’s never too late to start a small business: Entrepreneurship levels for the United States in 2012 were highest among those aged 35 to 44.

Income.com sees money being made in every pocket of small business. It sees a class of entrepreneurs unafraid to take that first step toward their business dream. And they’re taking all different kinds of routes to get there.

A new year means new trends and hot industries. Here’s 10 ideas for starting a small business in 2013 you need to consider.

Big data

One product of the online explosion entrepreneurs need to take note of is the rise of big data. The more online activity there is, the more information that is logged and stored. The world is now run by numbers and statistics. Are you a sports fan? You’ve probably heard of VORP or “value over replacement player.” A politics junky? Scientific polling and number crunching had a breakthrough during the 2012 election cycle. Data is the future, and small businesses stand in a position of power to harness its potential.


Not too long ago, most businesses didn’t regard sustainability as a serious issue. But then a number of things changed, including a rise of eco-consciousness among consumers. There’s a reason Toyota and Chevrolet shop cars like the Prius and the Volt with such vigor. Besides being good for the environment, there’s a growing demand among consumers for green products. Organic foods are feeding a booming industry, green energy is too. Or, forget the hybrids and think bikes; more people using their bikes means more wear and tear, ever think about a bike repair shop?

Pet care

Sometimes man likes to treat his best four-legged friend to a spa day. Pet care businesses are thriving as pet owners increasingly give their cat, parakeet, ferret, turtle, dog and maybe even sea monkeys the best there is to offer. Pet healthcare clinics are always needed. Pet costumes are a ludicrous thought but a lucrative business. Dog hotels and other high-class boarding services attract a lot of compassionate customers.

Mobile app development

Smartphones and tablets are revolutionizing the way we communicate, entertain ourselves and operate on daily basis. Mobile site and app development is filling an exponentially growing demand. The uber-popular Angry Birds came out of nowhere, but then it shot into space. We’re not exaggerating. The mobile game now has a partnership with Star Wars.

Food truck

Think a consumer would settle for a greasy hot dog from a food cart when they know they can get foie gras from a food truck? Mobile food trucks are a big business in metro areas and they’re doing everything right: coming directly to the customer, covering different areas of business, creating a social media and online buzz and offering great service and tasty food.

Personal shopper

People are busy. Between work, family and other time commitments, there isn’t much time to do grocery or personal shopping. So why not do it for them? Entrepreneurs are making money off everything from stopping at the local supermarket to taking clothing sizes and picking out vintage wears and other fashionable items.

Ecommerce startup

Amazon and eBay may have a hold on ecommerce, but there’s still several pathways to success through ecommerce. Etsy, the online marketplace for homemade products and arts and crafts gifts, has thrived recently in the increased focus on niche ecommerce. More money is being passed through online channels, and you stand to grab a significant piece of that pie with an ecommerce startup.

B2B consultancy

Don’t forget businesses can also be consumers. B2B is just as important as B2C. Consultant businesses are hot ticket gigs. Dentists may know canines from molars but maybe not cents from dollars, in that they may not have the best mind for business. That’s where you can step in and help them strategize operations and achieve growth. Mobile consultants, social media consultants, business plan consultants, they’re all finding a growing number of clients needing services.

Dating site

Love is in the air, and so is the money. Building off the general success of online startups, dating profile sites and internet matchmakers are carving out a big market for romance. eHarmony is just one example, but go farther down the list and you’ll see dating websites are increasingly personalizing their website to fit a niche market. There’s Christian Mingle and JDate, and even The Atlasphere, an online dating site for Ayn Rand enthusiasts.

Fitness studios

In the new year, many people resolve to get fit, and small-business owners can follow their lead. Fitness businesses are a hot idea in 2013 – just ask operators of Bikram yoga, also known as hot yoga, studios. Piloxing may seem to be an odd scramble of letters, but it stands for pilates and boxing, a two-in-one workout that is becoming increasingly popular.

Income.com knows brainstorming ideas for starting a small business can be a challenging task. But it just takes some ingenuity and creative thought to identify what consumers want, how they want it, what you can do to provide it and how you can make money off the effort. Prosperous opportunities abound in U.S. entrepreneurship, time to get in on the game while the getting is good.