3 Self-Promotional Strategies That Boost Small-Business Marketing

It doesn’t matter how great your product or service is if you don’t have the marketing to go with it. Superior products will collect dust sitting on the shelf if customers don’t know about them.

Small-business marketing strategies have always perplexed some entrepreneurs who might be more in tune with the business side of things.

But Income.com is here to remind entrepreneurs that small-business marketing doesn’t need to be a challenge if you know the right way about building some buzz for your startup.

Mobile marketing and direct mail may work fine and well, but sometimes, you’ll need to take a more self-promotional angle. But don’t fret about coming off as sleazy or conniving, there’s plenty of ways to raise awareness about your startup without rubbing clients the wrong way.

Get Your Name Out There

Your small-business marketing strategies begin and end with you, meaning your small business isn’t going to create buzz for itself. You’ve got to take the initiative and make sure you make a name for yourself and your startup.

Networking conferences or events are ideal for this kind of tactic. But remember it’s not about who talks the loudest or hands out the most free frisbees, you have to make an impassioned and rational case for your business. It can be hard to put yourself out there, but it needs to be done.

Canvas Customers For Referrals

Nobody can say what your business does best better than you – unless they’re an enthusiastic customer. Some look down on testimonials or referrals because it seems less organic and more narcissistic than other marketing methods, but they can provide a huge boost to businesses.

Follow up with customers who have recently bought products or services to gauge their satisfaction. Then ask them if they’d be willing to give a referral or provide a testimonial, which many are happy to do. Put any comments you have collected on marketing materials or highlight them on your small-business website. Getting referrals leads to a greater reach and more customers, which means more money.

Be Human

The key to self-promotional marketing strategies is to maintain a sense of humility. If you come off like a bragging and boasting brat, such strategies will not help you and likely damage your reputation.

Community outreach efforts are a great idea to try establishing a repertoire with clientele. For instance, if you’re a cheese shop, host a tasting every Thursday.

Income.com knows entrepreneurs aren’t lacking in the self confidence department, but sometimes that belief in themselves doesn’t come across right in marketing. You need to get a little self-promotional when marketing, and that’s a fact of the matter. Just make sure you go about it in a safe and efficient manner that will end up bringing in more sales and not cutting your business.