Cheap Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

You don’t need to spend a small fortune on mass mailing campaigns, mass media advertisements or email barrages.  You can attract a targeted group of customers without spending hardly any money, and you can start right away.  Between face to face promotion like handing out fliers in front of your store to using social media to capture new and current customers to a range of other little things, you can grow your business exponentially.  Large marketing and advertising campaigns are designed to create brand recognition, whereas you are more likely to be interested in sales of a particular product or service.

Focus on your niche and target market and use your resources to get their attention and their business. If you are a divorce lawyer, placing an ad in the yellow pages will help, but putting something on Google maps along with frequently updated blogs, a social media site and search engine optimization content is going to be a much better strategy.  You can tweak your online presence to target local clients who are in need of your services, and this goes for any kind of brick-and-mortar business in a particular area.  Making a short YouTube video and linking your other sites together is also another popular strategy.  That way, when people search for the service you provide in their area, the name of your company will show up.

Putting together information brochures with the highlights of your company along with passing out business cards still works as well, especially if you are opening a community business.  Go where people gather, make connections in social circles that you already participate in and talk about your business.  Give them your social media information and let them follow and friend you.  You will be amazed at how many other people that they know will be watching what you are posting as well as the services you are offering.  It only takes one or two well placed contacts to open a flood of responses and the chance to win more customers.

Make sure that you are also branding your product or service to not only meet a customer’s need, but that it will give them what they want.  People shop for selfish motives, not just for practical purposes.  You will do much better if you target their innate desire to get what they want as well as giving them a product that has some sort of practical value.  Also, let them think they are getting some kind of deal as well, or conversely make them think they are getting a premium package that is worth a lot more money than you are selling it for.

There are limitless things that you can do to promote your products and services while attracting your niche customers.  Taking advantage of social media as well as real-life interactions is a good way to expand your network and get yourself introduced to a lot more people who will be interested in doing business with you.

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