George Lucas and The Sci-Fi Revolution: Turning Fantasy Into Dynasty

George Lucas arguably created a dynasty out of fantasy, and this is proof that anyone can be successful even if they are just dreaming. He didn’t create a service or a real product in the traditional sense of the word. He loved film, and learned how to develop his own style and creative approach to directing that he nurtured as a child. When he came up with the idea for Star Wars, nobody took him seriously. The idea of a silly space fantasy that was broken up in to many parts, with the story not following a chronological path and using technology that was never tested before in film production left many skeptics laughing.

It was next to impossible for him to find money for the production of Star Wars, and the process actually almost collapsed a number of times before things actually got moving. In the end he created a phenomenon that rivals Shakespeare’s equivalent in his day, and not many people in the developed or developing world are unfamiliar with the plot, story line or characters. In a nutshell, he created a story, put it on film and a cult following of galactic proportions was born that spans over four decades and is still growing today.

Not only that but the film franchise is worth billions of dollars, and everything from books to video games, action figures and clothes have filled store shelves and our homes, offices and even cars. This crazy idea has impacted the lives of millions and millions of people, and this isn’t even a real product or service that we think of in terms of business and customers. Yet, Lucas was able to create a successful and very lucrative franchise that actually inspired people to participate, get involved and take souvenirs from this story.

If he can take his love of film and turn it in to a multi-billion dollar business opportunity, what can you do with one of your crazy ideas. This story is an amazing example of how anything is possible, and it just takes a belief in yourself, some good timing and a sense of assurance and confidence to turn your dreams in to reality. You may not create the next blockbuster movie and product franchise, but you can easily start your business and live your dream in a similar fashion.

The galaxy is the limit in terms of what you can do if you keep your eyes on the prize, don’t listen to the doubts that others have and keep moving forward despite all of the odds. Faith and hope is much more powerful than doubt, and attitude is everything. Take your talents, gifts and abilities and turn them in to something that you can make money from. If a guy can make a fantasy movie and change the world, you can do anything and be successful as well. It just takes a little perseverance, timing and luck, but all of that will fall into place if you don’t give up.