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Building An Easy And Effective Website

*+-Your small business can have a distinctive and effective presence on the web if you build the right website.  From choosing the best domain name to working with the right host and finding the best design, it only takes a few minutes to get up and running.  But, it is important that you are not cutting corners along the way, because you and your customers will notice the difference.  Many

Franklin’s Contributions To Our Way Of Life

*+-Benjamin Franklin is arguably one of the most famous, interesting and memorable founding fathers of the United States.  He was a printer, statesman, diplomat and philandering womanizer.  But he was also one of the greatest and most prolific inventors and entrepreneurs in modern history.  He is proof that if you let the mind run free, there are no limits and no boundaries to innovation and the discovery of new ideas. 

Don’t Guess, Get Help

*+-One of the easiest ways to get into trouble is guessing how to fix problems, address concerns and tackle issues.  In business, this can translate into lost customers, trouble with the government and other hassles that are completely avoidable.  There are tons of resources that can help you to avoid problems, expand your horizons and grow and maintain your business with confidence and solid focus and direction. Taking the guesswork

Test The Waters Of The Online Market Place

*+-There are so many different online business opportunities out there that it’s nearly impossible to comprehend all of them.  If there is a business opportunity in the real world, chances there is an online equivalent, and so much more.  If you are serious about making a business from the comfort of your computer, tablet or smart phone, then you will have no trouble- once you know what you are going

Are You Sure You Want To Marry Your Business?

*+-Starting a franchise may be a tempting proposition.  The promise of secure startup, the ability to make money off of a well known product or service and having everything you need to run your business at your fingertips is enticing.  However, one thing that many franchise sales people will not tell you is that you will be tied to the franchise like you are tied to a spouse.  Of course,

Your Online Business Must Fit A Niche

*+-You can find work online anywhere- from freelancing to affiliate marketing or opening up a store that sells one of a million different products.  But, if you want to have a business instead of a job, then you should think about filling a niche that you can do better than anyone else.  And, you should choose a niche that is not loaded with competition.  Unfortunately, there is no easy answer

Social Media Is The Glue For Your Business Online

*+-Social media is a powerful way to connect the various elements of your online presence, and it is the only format that gives you live interaction with your customers.  You can use it to connect your website or blog to your customers, maps and other location search directories and it can even help to boost your ranking in search engine results.  All in all, nothing is more important or more

Put A Brand To Work For You

*+-Franchises provide an excellent business opportunity in the service industry because they are uniform and branded.  A consumer can see a logo on a store or online that they know and trust, and they will be more likely to shop there than to go with a lesser-known store.  While not everyone shops at chain stores or eats at corporate or franchised restaurants every day, the reality is that almost any

The Franchise vs. the Startup

*+-Making the decision to open your own business is a major life event. Starting a new venture of this kind can be exciting as well as rewarding. The first step to becoming a business owner is choosing the type of company that you would like to run. This business can be something that you have wanted to start up yourself or you can go with an established franchise. Both involve

Henry Ford Story – Driving All The Way To The Bank

*+-Henry Ford is an icon for the entrepreneur and the epitome of how a good idea can turn into a game-changing success story.  He saw something that others didn’t- how the automobile would revolutionize transportation if it could be put in the hands of the average person.  This was a crazy notion, especially considering that most places in the world didn’t even have paved roads. Horses were king, and trails

How To Build The Perfect Business Website

*+-Nothing replaces a website in terms of how the Internet surfing public will perceive your company.  You should never cut corners when putting up a quality site that really encapsulates your very best.  However, doing this is not a complicated process.  As long as you have the right look, layout, functionality and user-friendliness, then you are well on the way to seriously establishing yourself in the online marketplace.  However, if