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Do you dream of being a small business owner? Being your own boss and living the dream is something everybody wants. Sadly, most people have given up on that idea, but you shouldn’t. Most people think their small business ideas won’t work or it’s too hard to start. has a lot of simple ideas to help lift your small business off the ground.
Franchising and Branding

Put A Brand To Work For You

  Franchises provide an excellent business opportunity in the service industry because they are uniform and branded.  A consumer can see a logo on a store or online that they ...
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The Franchise vs. the Startup

Making the decision to open your own business is a major life event. Starting a new venture of this kind can be exciting as well as rewarding. The first step to becoming a business ...
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How To Build The Perfect Business Website

  Nothing replaces a website in terms of how the Internet surfing public will perceive your company.  You should never cut corners when putting up a quality site that really encapsulates ...
Starting A Franchise

Are You Ready To Start A Franchise?

A franchise is not nearly as risky as starting a business from scratch, but you will pay dearly for the extra padding that a good opportunity will provide.  Franchise fees, equipment, ...
Funding Your Small Business

How To Minimize Risk And Fund Your Business

You have many choices when it comes to getting funding for your business.  You can participate in government backed programs, you can appeal to investors, ask family or friends for ...

Talk To Franchisees About What To Know

If you are at the point where you are focusing on a narrow list of potential franchise opportunities, then you are ready to start talking to other owners.  Their opinions, suggestions ...
Online Freelance

How To Become An Online Freelancer

  Starting an online freelance business is easy, doesn’t require any money to get started, and you can immediately begin to market your skills to clients who need projects ...
Small business crowdsourcing

Bring Your Idea To Life Using Crowdsourcing

Think about how crowd sourcing can connect you with the money you need for your small business, and it may be easier to obtain than a traditional loan. This process involves working ...
Be Your Own Boss

Be Your Own Boss The Easy Way

Imagine starting a business that has already been tested to be successful, includes all of the things you need to get set up, and access to help and support is only a phone call away.  ...
Small Business Ideas

Choose Your Calling When Starting A Business

Starting a small business is your golden opportunity to find something that you truly love doing, enjoy doing and can see yourself doing for the rest of your life. If you are considering ...
Post It Note Story

Your Idea May Stick One Day: The Story Of Post-It Notes

Spencer Silver and Art Fry are responsible for creating a phenomenon in the form of sticky little pieces of paper that are found almost anywhere. Dr. Silver accidentally discovered ...
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Small Business Ideas That Work For You

Thinking that it is time to start your own business is one thing, but deciding what to do is another matter altogether.  There are a lot of things to consider from how much money you ...
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