Small Business Leadership

Put A Brand To Work For You

-+*Franchises provide an excellent business opportunity in the service industry because they are uniform and branded.  A consumer can see a logo on a store or online that they know and trust, and they will be more likely to shop there than to go with a lesser-known store.  While not everyone shops at chain stores or eats at corporate or franchised restaurants every day, the reality is that almost any

Henry Ford Story – Driving All The Way To The Bank

-+*Henry Ford is an icon for the entrepreneur and the epitome of how a good idea can turn into a game-changing success story.  He saw something that others didn’t- how the automobile would revolutionize transportation if it could be put in the hands of the average person.  This was a crazy notion, especially considering that most places in the world didn’t even have paved roads. Horses were king, and trails

Go To The Source For Good Information

-+*There is no shortage of support services that can help you and your business, and it’s important to carefully shop around for resources that will really help.  You don’t have to pay a lot of money or purchase a system in order to get good advice, and sometimes the best way to find answers to topical questions is to go directly to the source.  In fact, many government agencies and

Fred Smith And The Package Gamble: The FedEx Story

-+*Fred Smith, the founder of Federal Express had a vision that would revolutionize the shipping industry.  He believed that the only way to provide fast, reliable and efficient shipping from point A to point B was to create single company that was responsible for packages from start to finish.  He believed that a combination of tucks and airplanes could deliver parcels coast to coast in less than 24 hours, and

The Golden Arches To Success

-+*When Ray Kroc bought his first McDonald’s franchise in Illinois, no one could imagine that he would turn that humble drive-in hamburger shop into one of the world’s most recognizable and powerful companies.  Currently in over 115 countries, McDonald’s is an international icon that serves more than 60 million people every single day.  Not bad for a salesman turned hamburger king.  His marketing skills and tenacious business style helped him

Building On Success Found In A Garage

-+*Steve Jobs formed his little company named Apple in his garage, and turned it into a worldwide phenomenon.  He reached this level of success only after having his company taken out from under him and then returning a few years later.  His vision, creativity and willingness to think outside of the box led to a technological revolution that is still being developed and expanded today.  Your smart phone is the

George Lucas and The Sci-Fi Revolution: Turning Fantasy Into Dynasty

-+*George Lucas arguably created a dynasty out of fantasy, and this is proof that anyone can be successful even if they are just dreaming. He didn’t create a service or a real product in the traditional sense of the word. He loved film, and learned how to develop his own style and creative approach to directing that he nurtured as a child. When he came up with the idea for

Pay Attention To Detail When Running Your Business

-+*During the development and planning stage of building your business, your focus was on putting everything together and getting things off the ground. Now, your focus needs to be on the operation and day-to-day management of your enterprise. Some people do better than others when it comes to wearing many hats and juggling various responsibilities, but it is important to remember that as a business owner, you need to get

Good Habits For Managing Your Business

-+*You’ve spent a lot of time and money getting your business up and running, but how much thought have you given to managing it once it gets off the ground?  The thing that you will need to do will vary from business to business, but there are some common categories that apply to almost anyone who is venturing out on their own.  Learning these habits can give you the foundation

Protect You and Your Business By Enforcing ‘BYOD’ Policies

-+*What a difference one letter can make. That’s what separates employees from getting wasted on the job and wasting time on their smartphone. “Bring your own device,” or “BYOD,” policies are here to stay as a mobile-capable workforce has become more commonplace in the small-business world. Such strategies allow employees to bring personal devices to the office or work remotely with cloud access to company and client information. However, while is

How To Get Your Business A Corporate Sponsorship Deal

-+*NASCAR drivers aren’t the only ones who can attract corporate sponsors. Though they may seem to hog the limelight with sponsor decals on every available inch of fireproof suits and car bodies, there’s plenty of corporate sponsorship money out there for small-business owners to take advantage of. has some advice for young entrepreneurs: There may be no better exposure for an up-and-coming entrepreneur than that afforded by a corporate sponsorship

4 Things A Successful Startup Should Be Doing

-+*Do you want to have a successful startup business? The start of a new year isn’t just the ideal time to focus on health-related resolutions (exercise more, eat right, quit smoking, the list’s endless), it’s also a perfect opportunity to stop being unhappy at your current job and start a business. A new year means a new business or business plan for a number of entrepreneurs. But startups can be