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Small Business Ideas

Internet or Real World: What Type Of Small Business Is Right For You?

There are more options than ever that you can choose from when starting a small business, and you can work online or in the real world, or a combination of both.  Technology has made ...
t's critical entrepreneurs know what healthcare reform will require of them

2 Things You Need To Know About Healthcare Reform

The year is 2013 and in less than 12 months, full-scale implementation of the Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA) will begin. Also known as Obamacare, the sweeping legislation will fundamentally ...

Freedom, Trust, And Savings Give BYOD Companies A Boost

BYOD is becoming increasingly important for small businesses. Not so much BYOB. BYOD, or “bring your own device,” has become standard procedure for small businesses now ...
Federal contracts are a source of business growth for entrepreneurs.

How To Land Federal Contracts for Small Business

The federal government hasn’t exactly been the best ally to small business in recent memory. But for entrepreneurs looking to carve out a space for their startup through any ...

Small Business Conditions Remain Bleak

It’s been five years since the economic collapse, and not much has changed. Sure, unemployment is now below 8 percent – not exactly as big of a win as some would claim ...
Survival preparedness is a growing trend, and savvy entrepreneurs can make money off it.

An Entrepreneurs Guide To The Survival Preparedness Niche

Some recent end-of-the-world scenarios were publicized, but never came to pass. In addition to doomsday predictions, some very real disasters – Hurricane Sandy, tsunamis, earthquakes ...
Higher taxes supported by the fiscal cliff deal will mean entrepreneurs will feel the effects.

How 2 Tax Hikes The Fiscal Cliff Deal Didn’t Avoid Will Impact You

The fiscal cliff deal made on January 1 wasn’t so much hailed as a grand gesture in the face of economic doom, as it was tolerated by a population fed up with a game of partisan ...
Politicians finally reached a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff and preserved key small-business tax breaks.

Fiscal Cliff Deal Preserves Key Tax Breaks, Credits To Save Money

Capitol Hill politicians reached a compromise on the fiscal cliff, though it took 15 hours after midnight on New Year’s Eve to get full approval from the U.S. House of Representatives. The ...
State can't pay back federal debt? Entrepreneurs will be paying the price with higher FUTA rates.

18 States Can’t Pay Back Debt, Increase Unemployment Taxes On Small Business Owners

Big government has done it again. Legislators have raised taxes on entrepreneurs, and this time, they did it without any help from the incoming Taxmageddon that will kick in after ...
Don't count on the world ending. Entrepreneurs need to be prepared for the fiscal cliff scenario, and that means taking advantage of tax brea

If The World Doesn’t End, You Still Have To Pay Your Taxes

Forget December 21, 2012, the date that some cornball doomsday conspirators identified as the last day of life on Earth. Their source? A ancient calendar from the Mayan civilization ...
small business owners

Small-Business Owners Hindered By Today’s Economy

It is no secret that the confidence small business owners have in their companies and the current state of the economy will influence how they plan to operate their organizations in ...
Corporate Sustainability

Corporate Sustainability Growing In Popularity

Entrepreneurs looking to cater to customers who reward companies with their business due to their green initiatives should look to place a higher focus on corporate sustainability ...
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