5 Social Media Goals And Objectives That Work

Tweet this! Like that! Pin on that board! Join this Google Plus Circle!

Entrepreneurs are told a lot of things in regard to social media-based small-business marketing strategies, but most of the time they’re not getting specifics.

Social media is hugely important to a business plan in the modern information age, but it doesn’t do you any good to engage in it with no idea as to what you want to accomplish when posting. Tweeting for the hell of it does not constitute a sound social media strategy. For those without a fundamental idea as to why they have a social media profile or what they intend to do with it, they better get their priorities in order.

Income.com understands social media is a fast-paced, evolving entity that can get pretty overwhelming at times. But it’s easy enough to use, so entrepreneurs should have little difficulty developing a social media game plan and then executing it. Focus on building your brand, becoming an industry leader, interacting with customers, forging new relationships through social media and in no time your social media activity will be paying dividends.

Highlight the brand in posts

There’s no better opportunity for boosting your brand’s image and credibility than by participating in social media. Look at how the big dogs use social media. McDonald’s Facebook page is saturated with images and posts hyping their brand. It also uses social media branding in a subtler way that doesn’t shove the brand in the face of the customer.

Establish yourself as a thought leader

Social media has become the fourth estate of communications. Papers, television and radio have all had their heyday, and now it’s social media’s turn. Just look at the rising importance of Twitter in the news cycle. Want to attract users and readers? Use social media not only as company mouthpiece, but as a newsfeed for what’s going on in your area or industry. Tweet breaking news or write about it on Blogger. If you have the news and the insight, others will come looking for it.

Provide better customer service

When using social media, it’s vital to remember it’s not all about you. Your online friends and followers factor heavily into the social media equation. Customers want to interact with businesses, and you should oblige them. If they air a grievance over Facebook, respond as the situation dictates. If they tweet you a question, retweet back with an answer or ask for more details. A customer posts something they like that you did? Share it and thank them for their support.

Showcase your wares

Social media isn’t just a forum for discussion, but sharing and displaying products and services. Images have become increasingly popular in social media – Pinterest, the fastest growing social platform, is in fact dedicated entirely to sharing images – and provides entrepreneurs with a Grade A opportunity to impress followers and expand their customer base.

Make sales

Ever heard of F-commerce? Well, now you have. It refers to Facebook commerce. That’s right, social media is now being used as an ecommerce platform for an all-in-one type customer experience. Want to make the most money you can? Make your Facebook page an online storefront and conduct sales through it that couldn’t be completed anywhere else.

Income.com knows entrepreneurs understand the power of social media in modern business. It also knows many have been left out in the world of social media like lost sheep. Time to get real about social media and formulate a rock-solid strategy. Understand what you want to achieve, be it raising brand awareness, talking with customer or making sales through social avenues. Social media will work for entrepreneurs, but only if you work for it.