4 Small Business Resources That Are Free

Technology has done wonders for entrepreneurs in the modern age.

The rapid adoption of ecommerce has opened new avenues for small-business owners to take advantage of. Advances like social media have enabled entrepreneurs to interact with and market to consumers like never before.

Recent tech advancements have also impacted the way owners conduct day-to-day operations. If you’re looking for some small-business marketing help and assistance on other tasks, look no further than the wide world of mobile apps.

Income.com knows you’re probably familiar with email and internet browser apps that come standard on smartphones. But there’s a whole mess of them just waiting to be discovered by entrepreneurs like you who can efficiently optimize and improve their business operations by using apps.

There are apps for processing credit cards, taking notes, organizing social content and even an app for documenting business expenses.

The point is there’s an app for everything, and in a recent survey by AT&T, 38 percent of small-business owners said they could not survive without their mobile apps. Here are four apps you can improve your business with.


Mobile commerce doesn’t just have to entail transactions made from a smartphone, but purchases made on the go. Small-business owners were once hampered by their limited payment acceptance options. But in a bid to cope with the rising popularity of electronic methods, mobile developers helped entrepreneurs by inventing a litany of apps that when used with an card swipe accessory, help owners go out into the field and register sales where the customers are.

One of the best is Square. As one cupcake bakery owner told Kiplinger, a personal finance news source: “We’ve tried more traditional methods like global credit processors [and] Square beats them hands down.”

Square’s mobile app and credit card reader come for free. It does, however, charge merchants 2.75 percent for each swipe transaction. Square also offers a monthly package where owners can pay one lump sum of $275 and not have their transactions charged.


There’s a growing horde of social media platforms small businesses need to be aware of: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest and Foursquare, just to name a few. Being active on all of them can present quite the tangled mess when trying to sync up accounts to try posting content across different platform.

Luckily, there’s HootSuite, which offers small-business marketing help by offering a social media dashboard that can schedule message posting times and attach photos with the greatest of ease. Best of all, HootSuite’s basic app comes at a fee of TheArticleContent.00 and owners need only pay $9.99 a month to upgrade to its pro suite.


Nobody knows when their best small-business idea might come to them, it could be during the morning commute or when the sandman is drifting through the window. Either way, entrepreneurs may be hard pressed to find a pen and pad at the optimal time. That’s where Evernote comes in.

One of the most popular apps for small-business owners allows you to jot down your every thought and access it through cloud storage. Think of a great opening line to a presentation and then panic-forget it before entering? If you used Evernote, all it takes is a couple taps of your thumb and your killer one-liner is right there. The greatest thing about Evernote is – stop me if you’ve heard this one before – it’s free.


An expense report is the bane of many a small-business owner’s existence. But entrepreneurs can make that task much less daunting by using an app that can simplify the process to a much more manageable degree.

Expensify can help globetrotting small-business owners log mileage for future reference as well as import credit card purchase histories, done by scanning receipts and uploading digital images right into your account. And you guessed it, Expensify is free.

Income.com urges entrepreneurs to make life easier on themselves and their small businesses by taking note of countless mobile app technologies that can help immensely in day-to-day operations. They can process payments, keep track of your expenses and musings and manage your growing social media repertoire. Many mobile apps are priceless – literally – and no small-business owners can compete without them.