What Social Media Use Accomplishes For Small Businesses

Entrepreneurs once relegated social media to the realm of a passing teenage fad.

“Twitter me! Twitter me!” was the rallying cry of users once upon a time, but today’s social media situation is far removed from that period, as businesses and brands have learned how to use the communication method to their advantage.

Social media can provide some much-needed small-business marketing help, but only if you use it in a feasible way.

Income.com sees too many small-business owners use social media in the same immature ways as teenagers, mostly, they don’t know what they’re doing.

The first step to harnessing the power of social media lies in your understanding of the what small-business social media use is designed to do: driving online traffic, connecting with consumers, and increasing brand appeal.

Direct users back to website

One of the main objectives of social media use is boosting every element of your online profile, meaning social media-driven web traffic is hugely valuable. The most common way you can accomplish this is by linking back to your homepage or product pages in posts. However, you don’t want to oversaturate your social accounts with links and come off as too self-promotional.

Other ways you can drive users back to your website include using targeted ads like Facebook’s Promoted Posts and Twitter’s Sponsored tweets. More organic ways of generating traffic include sharing content of others and joining social media communities like Google Plus circles and Pinterest boards that allow you to resonate with like-minded social consumers.

Social media is the new customer service

People don’t phone in with complaints or feedback that much anymore, they take to social media. As such, small businesses need to address consumer concerns on social media in a prompt and orderly fashion just as they would with these more dated channels.

Respond to users that tweet at you with a question and talk with others who may message you because they had an unsatisfactory experience.

Using social media isn’t just a way to resolve disputes; engagement can also lead to improved perception. Liking Facebook comments and showcasing user-submitted content or positive feedback all lead to creating a welcoming online persona.

Never pass up an opportunity to advance the brand

The increasing emphasis placed on visual elements in social media are specifically designed to help small-business owners build brand appeal. There are several opportunities to build brand recognition and value: Facebook and Twitter cover photos, Pinterest image threads and the different styles of visual content shared on Tumblr are just a couple of the avenues afforded to social media-using entrepreneurs to boost the brand.

Income.com holds that more often than not, you’ll only succeed when you have definite goals in mind; that goes for both the business overall and social media. You can’t use social media willy-nilly and expect tangible results that end up with you making more money. Sell your products online? Use social media to drive web traffic. Want to retain clients and keep them happy? Engage them in online networks. Want to improve your business’ cultural appeal? Social media branding is the best technique.