Small-Business Marketing Help for Improving Your Twitter Account

Forget Fido, social media is a small-business owner’s best friend.

Increasingly, entrepreneurs have utilized social platforms to connect with customers, generate brand appeal and enhance small-business marketing strategies.

And that just got a whole lot easier on Twitter.

Recently, the uber-popular micro-blogging social service announced it had revamped its Twitter for Business offering, which helps small-business marketers advertise on the network. Included with the launch is a two-minute video that every entrepreneur using Twitter needs to watch.

Now that using Twitter for your small-business marketing is easier, suggests you brush up on some of the most critical applications of Twitter advertising and understand how to use them. From hashtags to brand appeal and everything in between, entrepreneurs need to understand Twitter.

Facebook Isn’t the Only One with Cover Photos

When Facebook debuted its Timeline offering, everyone “oohed” and “aahed” over the introduction of the cover photo, a banner-like photo found at the top of profile. Twitter wasn’t far behind, recently offering its own version of the cover photo. So why is it important to marketers? Because of the opportunity to advance the brand.

Just take a look at Verizon’s Twitter. The brand is everywhere, and is especially present in their images, but not overwhelming.


If you’re not using hashtags, you better start now; and if you don’t know what a hashtag, well, you’re pretty much out of luck. The “#” symbol is now used to group like-minded posts and show Twitter users what’s trending. Small-business marketers can utilize this advantage by starting their own hashtag to spur a conversation about a new product or keep tabs on what their customers are saying, about something business-related or otherwise. stresses the importance of utilizing social media in small-business marketing strategies, especially Twitter. Now that’s it’s easier than ever to use the platform for advertising, entrepreneurs need to know how use it effectively. Build the brand with visuals at every chance and make sure you’re using hashtags to track the conversation.