How To Engage Your Customers With Social Media

Social media is much more than a marketing tool that can be used to put your products and service in front of potential and current customers.  It is a way to get people engaged and active with you and your company.  Fundamentally, social media creates conversations and connections with real people in real time.  So, instead of posting a sale, discount or bonus offer, consider talking about an event, putting up a photo of something interesting or simply making a comment about something exciting that your company is doing.  Adding a widget or app to your account is another way to get customers to interact with your company on a whole new level.

Engaging customers and viewers will keep them connected, interested and familiar with your business.  This power can not be overlooked, and all of this can be at your fingertips with the simple click of a mouse- seriously.  Engaging your customers builds trust, loyalty and interest.  A few words a couple times a day can potentially create a following that will build connections that will last years.  And, remember that you may be posting or commenting on the page of one fan or follower, but their fans and followers will be reading the conversation as well.  Your audience and brand visibility can grow by leaps and bounds, and others will do the work for you. How incredible is that?

Getting started is easy and it is difficult.  It takes time to build profiles and start posting and generating followers.  But, as long as you are consistently posting quality, interesting and engaging information, then it is only a matter of time before your audience will grow- along with your business.  Everyone is getting in on this, from top CEOs to airports as well as the local accountant in your neighborhood.  Start looking at social media in a new and fresh way, and learn how you can use this powerful platform as a way to send your business in to the stratosphere.

But, remember that engaging customers requires your input as well.  Don’t just throw blurbs up online and log-off.  Take the time to respond to comments and interact with followers.  It doesn’t have to be a full time job to do this, but people want you to be alive and engaged as well in order to keep things interesting and fresh.  You will be amazed at what happens to your business once your social media presence starts to grow, and you will quickly learn what things work better than others once you get started as well.

It cost’s nothing, requires minimal setup and time, and if you can commit to posting and commenting everyday, then you can see the power of social media work for your up and coming business.  Start engaging past, current and future customers with an active and interesting social media page, and watch your company grow along with your customer’s loyalty and trust. Get connected now and start to build your online presence today.