Choose Common Sense Marketing Ideas

You don’t need to have a huge advertising or professional marketing campaign in order to grow your business. The ideal strategy will depend on your particular business, your overall goals and your target market.  If you own a local ice cream shop, your efforts will vary from someone who is trying to build an online travel site.   The key to being successful is to connect your business with potential customers and convince them that they want to do business with you.  So, if you are in your community, finding ways to connect with residents is essential.  If you are building a huge website, then you will need to market your service to your niche audience in cyberspace.

This sounds like common sense right?  Well, it is.  Sometimes a sensible approach is the best way to go, and in terms of growing your business, this is what you need to do.  Think of ways that you can promote your business to your local community.  You can advertise in local papers, print and hand out fliers in the mall, perhaps hand out samples of your product in an intersection or at a park or fair.  You can sponsor local sports teams or civic groups and maybe you can strike a deal with a school or church to provide a discount ice cream treat to students and members.

The online world is a little bit more complex and vague, but there are specific strategies that never fail to work.  Using SEO, or search engine optimization techniques, creating blogs, posting in travel forums and using social media can provide the framework that can be used to connect with the Internet surfing public.  You can work with hotel, airline, tour and rental car agents and groups as well as consider affiliate marketing and purchasing targeted ads for users on sites like Facebook and Google.

Social media is a gold mine for marketing any business, and people are just starting to realize its power and effectiveness.  You can make an account, invite your customers and friends and begin the process of expanding your network and growing your following.  Making frequent posts that relate to your business, comments on things that people will be interested in reading and offering specials and discounts are all possible.  Best of all, at least for the moment, they are all free- unless you purchase ad space.  This means you can promote your business to millions of people without paying any money- try that with a newspaper or radio advertisement.

Word of mouth still works, whether online or in the real world. As long as you are keeping your customers happy, chances are that they will do a lot of marketing for you simply by mentioning your company to their friends and family.  As you can see, these ideas are not far-fetched or out of reach for the average small business owner, and you can benefit simply by using these and other common-sense approaches when it comes to marketing and promoting your business.