Get Customers Without Spending A Fortune

You can do lots of little things to market your small business from telling your friends and neighbors to creating a Facebook and Twitter account, and all of them can be done by you for little or no money.  You are using marketing to get the word out about your company, like planting seeds that you will water over the course of time.  Using a blog, website, social media site and integrating them with search engines will cover the online foundation for your business.  Talking to friends, family, neighbors and acquaintances is a good way to get the word out about your company on the ground in the beginning.

After that, it’s time to start building.  Think about your emails, fliers, brochures, invoices and even pens.  How can you use these items as promotional and marketing tools?  If someone orders a product, why not have a receipt that includes your logo as well as a promotional discount for something?  If you are sending out an invoice, put a link to something they may be interested in following up on.  If they are in your store buying a particular item, remind them that next week you are getting something in stock that they may like.  These little things can drum up extra business and keep your current customers happy.

Get them connected with your business social media platform.  You can put updates, join the conversation and keep your company in the loop as your followers access these platforms through out the day.  Blog about things that your company is doing and use it as a way to keep customers engaged and interested.  Sponsor a little league team, donate a pew at church, join the PTA or local chamber of commerce and start to network with people in your community as well as other business owners. Even if you are operating an online business, you will be amazed at how many of these contacts will visit your site and potentially buy your products or services.

Marketing is all about thinking of ways to get your company in the brains of new and existing customers so that they will buy things from you.  It’s that simple, but it’s up to you to decide how to make this happen.  The good news is that you don’t need to spend a fortune on mass media advertising, email campaigns or sending out product catalogs any more.  Thanks to social media, you can keep customers interested and engaged with a brief tweet, photo upload or comment on someone’s post- all for free.

The secret to your marketing success will be how well you reach out to and engage others, and you will need to do this in a targeted, organized manner over different channels.  But, the more you work you put in to this, the more people will respond and the more customers you will have.  And, many of them will actually recommend you to their friends and family members as well.