Small Business Marketing: Make Good Use Of Your Limited Resources

Small businesses usually don’t have a lot of cash for marketing, and each campaign needs to count and be effective.  This means different things for different businesses, and you may have to start small and build up a clientèle before you are able to start targeting your market on a grand scale.  There are a number of strategies that you can use that will get customers to grace your doorstep or website, but it may take a little bit of trial and error to see which ones work best.  Remember that marketing is a fluid and ongoing process that needs to be able to adapt and change according to the needs and wants of current and potential customers.

Customers will come to you if they know you will give them value as well as what they want.  If you can communicate to them that you can offer them satisfaction for the right price and the best terms, they will most likely be happy and give you their business.  If customers feel that you are not taking care of their wants, chances are they will not do business with you again, even if you offer them the best deal in town.  So, your marketing strategies need to include elements that focus on addressing their wants as well as answering the question of why they should do business with you instead of someone else.

The tools that are available in which you can do this are virtually unlimited.  You can use online or traditional methods.  You can start by talking to friends and family, passing out business cards on the street or in parks or in the mall.  You can befriend a local journalist and get a review or an ad, or you can join different groups and associations and network that way.  In short, good marketing includes anything and everything that will bring customers and your products and services together.

Once you have them in your grasp, you need to keep them happy.  Most of your business over the course of time will come from repeat customers in most situations.  Follow up, keeping in touch and inviting them to participate in special deals and promotions will go a long way with keeping them hooked.  Grabbing new customers is also an ongoing process and you can do this in print, the media, online or face to face. Or, you can have your existing customers do the work for you.  You will be shocked at how much business you can get from referrals. This is how many doctors, lawyers and professional services build their practices and this is how you can build your business as well.

You don’t need a pile of cash for exhaustive marketing campaigns.  You just need to continually promote and nurture your business whenever and where ever you can.  Use every tool that is within your reach and you will see success sooner or later, and much of this will come from the endorsement of your current and satisfied customers.