Your Idea May Stick One Day: The Story Of Post-It Notes

Spencer Silver and Art Fry are responsible for creating a phenomenon in the form of sticky little pieces of paper that are found almost anywhere. Dr. Silver accidentally discovered a reusable adhesive and Art Fry realized its practical use as a self-sticking way to leave notes, bookmark pages and keep reminders visible. After years of trial and error, enduring many failures and being rejected, the idea came on and the world was introduced to Post-It-Notes. Now, they are everywhere, and they are so common place that it is hard to imagine a world without them. Chances are that you have a pack of them in your desk or next to your phone right now.

Inventions and innovations like this often come by complete accident, and the lesson to learn here is that you should always learn, experiment and embrace new ideas. Even if you fail, a different opportunity may spring up that will lead to tremendous success. Taking an idea, testing it and failing is not fun or easy to contend with, but sometimes something really, really good comes out of the process. This is why it is so important to never give up, to always keep moving forward and to always have an open mind and think of the possibilities.

Our country and world is full of entrepreneurs like Spencer Silver and Art Fry, and you could be the next one. Whether you are developing a product or offering a service, you never know when your creative failures will lead to a success story that will change the world. You could accidentally stumble on anything, and it may not even be related to your field of expertise. If you have an idea, a dream, passion or a conviction that is beating inside of you, it is there for a reason. Never doubt and always believe that somehow, some way that idea will translate into a success that can be enjoyed in reality.

You may not come up with an invention that will change the world, but if you are starting any kind of business, you can apply this same attitude to your efforts and succeed. It may take time and a lot of failure before you see the light at the end of the tunnel and the fruit of your labor, but if you don’t give up then you will be almost guaranteeing your chances of being successful. It may not have anything to do with your original plan, but success has a funny way of surprising us all.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, to test the waters and to make mistakes. We wouldn’t have Post-It-Notes if they gave up after the first rejection. You can succeed at anything you do, whether you are opening an online store or a factory in another country. Keep your vision, accept failure as a push to move in a different direction and always remember that it is only a matter of time before your failures and frustrations will turn in to blazing successes.