Like It Or Not, Social Is Big For Business

Like it or not, getting involved in social media is a necessity for marketing your business, and it’s really not that hard to do.  Before, a business would promote itself by a handshake, phone call, mailing, advertising campaign, attending trade shows and conventions or simply sponsoring one of many different events and activities.  Now, it involves all of that and a Tweet or Facebook post as well.  People are connected and engaged online like never before, and if you want to fetch your customers and find new ones, you really need to join the party.

The great news is that unlike the traditional methods that are listed above, you don’t have to spend a ton of money or have a lot of staff in order to market your company.  These places and formats are still good and they are still great opportunities to network and meet others if your business is relevant to that sort of thing, but the meat and potatoes of your marketing success will be how well you interact with people in social media.  Think about this. One Tweet or post that takes 10 seconds to type and send can reach the eyes of millions of people.  Nothing is better than this, and you really need to learn how to make this work to your advantage.

While there is a good chance that you will be lucky to reach 50 people when you get started, as long as you are keeping people interested, engaged and happy with your content, then your following will grow.  And it will grow all on its own as friends of friends of friends start to pay attention to what you have to offer.  This is word of mouth at its finest, and if you can get good at this, you can grow your business and generate a lot more income without spending any money.

You can use social media to talk about your products and services, offer advice and tips or tricks as well as promoting certain specials or deals that people will want to enjoy.  You will also be establishing your credibility and reputation, and this will all contribute to your growth and success.  But, social media will never totally replace the interaction with actual human beings, and it’s up to you to find ways to connect with others in the real world.  Using the examples in the beginning of this article, connect your online presence with your real-world one and you will have a comprehensive and diverse foundation that you can build on over the course of time.

Also think about what you can do with your paperwork, fliers, invoices, receipts and thank you emails.  All of these are good examples of tools which can be used to promote other items that your customers will want. Technology has changed everything, and you can grow your business by embracing and making it work for your company, and it can be as simple as making posts on your favorite social media site.