Building On Success Found In A Garage

Steve Jobs formed his little company named Apple in his garage, and turned it into a worldwide phenomenon.  He reached this level of success only after having his company taken out from under him and then returning a few years later.  His vision, creativity and willingness to think outside of the box led to a technological revolution that is still being developed and expanded today.  Your smart phone is the direct descendant of his contribution, and you will be feeling his impact for years, perhaps centuries to come.  Not bad for a guy who built computers in his garage 40 years ago.

This is an entrepreneurial success story at its best, and it really encapsulates the American dream as well as the reality that anyone can do anything with their ideas and visions.  Starting a business is more than just making money.  For some it means taking a dream and a passion and turning it into a reality.  For others is just means living in harmony with that independent streak that defines their personality and turning it in to a career that is rewarding and fulfilling.  No matter if you see yourself as an inventor, marketer, sales person or someone who is offering a service, you can have the freedom of working for yourself if you put your heart and mind behind the pursuit of your dream.

Apple came out with great products that dazzled their customers,  and they build on their previous successes as they take things to the next level. Their success is based not only on creativity, but building on the wheel they invented and releasing new products that are better than their previous versions.  Some entrepreneurs make money off of one product or service, while others are able to continually improve and release daughters and cousin versions just like Apple does.  This approach is far less common than what most entrepreneurs offer, but it works for them.

How will you contribute to your success?  Will you have a good idea that you can market and monetize as you continue to refine, update and build on in the future?  Will you have one idea that is a one-off phenomenon that will make you a huge amount of money and then you will move on to something else in the future? No matter how you envision your path to success, the important thing to remember is that you don’t need to be rich or well equipped to make it happen. Jobs built his empire out of his parents garage after flunking out of college.

There is no telling what you can accomplish if you are true to yourself and your calling.  Apple is successful because of their innovation that is dynamic yet simple at the same time.  What will your contribution be, and how can you turn it into a reality? There is nothing that you can not do or accomplish.  If you have an idea, you can market it and make money if you are patient and diligent.