Simplicity Matters When Marketing Your Business

Keeping things simple is key to successful marketing, and this is right up the alley for many small business owners who don’t have a choice anyway.  Starting out and introducing your products and services to new customers is not always easy, and many businesses have limited resources at their disposal.  It may boil down to meeting potential customers face to face in a bar, school or public event.  It may be by connecting Facebook friends and family and their friends to a newly formed business page.  It may be by printing out brochures and placing them in places where many people visit.  It may be simply putting up fliers on bulletin boards at local grocery stores.

No matter what it takes, the key to getting the first round of customers, clients and sales is to go where ever you can go to get in contact with them.  Don’t rely on one approach, method or system either. Make sure that you are taking advantage of every angle and opportunity to spread the word about your business.  If you are offering a good service and or product, people will do business with you, and those people may share their experiences with their friends, family and acquaintances.  It’s funny how a simple blog, Facebook and Twitter account can quickly turn in to a big deal, and people will seemingly come out of the woodwork in the same way that meeting people on the street can start the process of word of mouth contagion that can really impact your first months of operation.

Once you start to assemble a small and core group of customers, you can keep in contact with them through offering incentives, deals and promotions that only they are able to receive.  This will create interest and loyalty, and if these specials are good enough, it will also create more money for you as they continue to make purchases.  Think of a restaurant that offers special coupons for their followers on Facebook, or the online travel site that offers a discount on a future hotel stay after the current booking has been made.  These deals work, and they are not elaborate or complicated.

Keeping current customers happy and continually using every means necessary to drum up business with new customers will grow your base and set the stage for explosive expansion in the future.  Studies show that if people experience a hassle-free buying experience, honesty and transparency and personalized attention, chances are they will patronize a business again while also recommending it to their acquaintances.  It doesn’t take much to get a snowball effect going with respect to your growth, and all you need to do is reach out and interact with others in one way or another.

Doing business, any business is a personal endeavor, even if you never see your customer face to face.  Keeping things simple and letting think that you are treating them like a king or a queen will do a lot to help you to be successful now and in the future.