Henry Ford Story – Driving All The Way To The Bank

Henry Ford is an icon for the entrepreneur and the epitome of how a good idea can turn into a game-changing success story.  He saw something that others didn’t- how the automobile would revolutionize transportation if it could be put in the hands of the average person.  This was a crazy notion, especially considering that most places in the world didn’t even have paved roads. Horses were king, and trails were the main thoroughfares that connected cities and towns.  His dream was in some ways ahead of its time, but it changed how the world got from point a to point b.

He not only created the automobile as we know it today, but he also defined a manufacturing process and assembly line that was productive, efficient and cheap to operate.  Companies are still following his lead and coming up with new and amazing ways to increase production volume.  His stamp on industry, transportation and the way of live that the world is experiencing today is indelible and nothing short of remarkable.  It just goes to show you that any idea can turn into a game changing encounter with destiny.

Cars were mass produced at a blinding rate, forcing roads to be created and changing how cities and towns were built in the future.  Other companies joined the bandwagon and suddenly horses were quickly forgotten as people raced to their destination, sometimes across the country in a matter of days. Suburbs, road trips, commutes and scenic drives are all derivatives of Ford’s innovation and insistence that the automobile would transform the world.

His legendary and iconic mark on the world can be realized by anyone who has a dream or a vision for the future.  His contribution to our way of life is something that has been imitated and reproduced by countless companies around the world.  From small businesses to international corporations, his principles, philosophy and approach has been implemented up and down the entrepreneurial food chain.  It just goes to show you that no dream is too crazy, too off the wall or too big to become reality.

Whether you have a big vision or a desire to open a simply online store or market in your neighborhood, you can learn a lot from the likes of Henry Ford.  There are no limits to success, no boundaries in terms of the level that you can reach.  If you have a vision, purpose and dream of success, then it can be reached.  You may need to overcome a lot of odds, think outside of the box and hold to a belief and a vision that extends beyond the negativity and doubts of others, but you can and will succeed if you don’t give up.

Always keep dreaming, thinking of ways to make things simple, affordable and accessible. One day you will stumble on something that will give you great success, and perhaps it will be a game changing moment like Henry Ford experienced nearly a century ago.