Put A Brand To Work For You

Franchises provide an excellent business opportunity in the service industry because they are uniform and branded.  A consumer can see a logo on a store or online that they know and trust, and they will be more likely to shop there than to go with a lesser-known store.  While not everyone shops at chain stores or eats at corporate or franchised restaurants every day, the reality is that almost any consumer spends some of their money at a franchised operation when they open their wallet.  There is still plenty of room for mom and pop operations, but the growth and migration towards patronizing familiar brands continues to skyrocket, and this makes for the perfect time to consider opening a franchise.

Many franchises already have an active customer base, and this is great news for someone who wants to open a business but doesn’t want to spend all day trying to get people to spend their money with them.  Growing a franchise will require time, commitment, marketing and advertising, but having customers who are already familiar with a particular brand from day one makes the process a lot easier.  Many franchises have an established reputation that consumers understand and value as well.  People know what to expect when they walk into their local convenience store, hair shop or oil-change service.  This is another advantage to a franchise as opposed to opening an independent shop and starting from scratch.

Just look around the next time you are driving.  You can’t go more than a minute (unless you are in the middle of nowhere) without seeing a familiar logo or company.  Whether it’s a hotel, food place, grocery store or auto shop.  Tax services, pet stores, flower shops and even dentists are all part of the franchise revolution.  Anyone who is interested in starting a brick-and-mortar business, or even an online opportunity should consider what a franchise can offer simply because this is a growing industry that has no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

The power of a brand and an established company can not be understated.  In addition to having a reputation and a customer base, most franchises also have a business model that is ready to go and be implemented.  For someone who has limited experience running a small business, this can be an invaluable resource that can lead to amazing success with minimal frustration.  Most franchises provide comprehensive resources that start from training over the products and services to step-by-step instruction with how to get the business up and running.  From designing the store to installing equipment and ordering supplies, all of the tools that are needed to get started are included in the franchise process.

A good franchise is an all-inclusive package that you essentially open, put together and then make money from.  You will have access to almost everything you need to run your business, and excellent franchises offer amazing support and guidance every step of the way.  You are paying for these benefits, and this is one of the major distinctions between a franchise and a mom and pop shop.  When you are opening your own business, you do not pay membership or franchise fees.  But, you have none of the extra benefits that the franchise package provides.  In the end, tying into a good franchise can lead to excellent growth and income, and you can get started right away.  Simply follow the checklists and procedures, and you’re good to go.

The trick is to find the right franchise.  Not only do you want one that is in a growth industry that is not already swamped with competition, but you want one that is managed well and provides you with the service that you expect.  Not every franchise is created equally, and it’s up to you to do the research and learn about the ins and outs of different ones until you find the right match.  Remember that you are paying for the privilege of selling a product or service and using that brand as a money making machine.  As a customer yourself, you want the best service and the best resources at your disposal, and you need to find the right franchise to buy into.

There is no comparison to the power of a brand when it comes to attracting customers.  You will benefit from the promotion, advertising, location and niche that your franchise provides.  There is far less risk and uncertainty with opening an established and growing franchise than with opening something on your own as well, and the investment may pay big dividends over the course of time.  But, remember that opening a franchise is a major undertaking and a huge financial risk as well.  Good franchises may promise excellent rewards, but they are expensive to start and maintain over the course of time.

However, it is also in the best interest of the franchise company to help you to make money and be successful.  So, if you bite the bullet and sink a lot of money into a good franchise, chances are that you will have excellent support along the way to ensure that you are growing and enjoying the benefits of your contract.  Franchises are still businesses, and you are still a business owner.  You are just choosing a model and a method that includes everything that you need to get started as opposed to building from scratch.

Put the power of a brand to work for you, and use that opportunity to generate income and make a name for yourself.  Discover the benefits of owning a franchise as well as some of the common limitations and drawbacks and decide if this is the right answer for your business plan and dream.  Whether or not you choose to open your own business or tie yourself in with a popular brand or product, franchises are dominating the landscape, and they are on track to be here to stay for quite a bit of time to come.

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