What to Look for in a Binary Options Broker

Finding a good broker and market to trade binary options involves taking the same steps associated with entering traditional markets. They should be honest, affordable and provide a solid platform that includes numerous options while offering superior customer service.   Each investor has their own expectations as well as concerns when it comes to opening up a trading account. Ensuring that the brokerage and platform meets these needs is essential. At the end of the day, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for everyone. However, following some basic principles will help to make wise and informed decisions.

Solid and Reliable Infrastructure

Many brokerages offer a lot of “bells and whistles” to attract potential investors to their markets. However, it is important to examine the fundamentals because they will determine whether an investor is trading on a solid platform. Because the vast majority of binary options trading occurs online, it is essential that the software is reliable and free from bugs and glitches. Trades should be initiated immediately upon clicking the buy or sell button without any lags or delays. Updates to movements in the market should also be seamless and consistent. Any snags have the potential to cause enormous losses. Quality platforms run on solid and reliable servers and software that do not crash.

Flexible, Fast and Secure Account Management

It is essential that all of your transactions are secure and deposited into a legitimate bank account. While online payment services such as PayPal make it faster and easier to move money, they also do not have the same security as a real bank. Don’t work with a broker who does not provide you with the opportunity to transfer money from your bank to theirs in addition to other payment options.

Account security should also be of chief concern to investors. Examine how your personal data as well as money will be protected once it is in the hands of your brokerage. A good company will have airtight security measures in place as well as a contingency plan to compensate you if those measures are compromised.

An Agreeable Platform

Each brokerage, and there are hundreds of them, will provide investors with their own proprietary trading platform. Some are better than others in terms of navigation, features and accessibility. Make sure that your potential brokerage has a “demo” feature that will enable you to conduct trades with virtual money in a real-world setting. This will give you the opportunity to explore how comfortable you feel with using their software while exploring and utilizing various features that are included.


Good brokerages will give investors access to quality and easy-to-follow tutorials on how to use the platform and conduct trades. However, they will also be devoid of any sales pitches or get-rich-quick schemes. A trustworthy broker will provide information that will help you to understand how to trade binary options and how to use the platform without making any kind of promises. Avoid brokers that try to up-sell or entice you to buy into a lot of promotional services.

Avoid Price-Based Commissions

Stay away from brokers who charge commissions based on the dollar amount of your trades. This is a red flag that indicates they are motivated by how much money they can collect. Work with a service that has a flat-rate trading fee or commission that is not solely dependent on how much you invest. This will go a long way with ensuring that you are working through a fair and equitable system. Good brokers will charge everyone the same fees.

Customer Service

You want to know that someone will address your concerns as soon as possible. What happens if the software freezes in the middle of a trade? What happens if you lose your password? What will you do if the system goes offline? You need to be able to contact someone and get answers right away instead of waiting days for a reply. One indicator of a quality brokerage is how well they are staffed to respond to customer service issues. If a brokerage doesn’t have someone on the other end of the phone 24/7, then chances are that that service is not the one for you.


Due to the fact that there are so many services online today, it is important that you thoroughly do your homework before making any investments. These are just a few basic ground rules that you should follow when seeking out a reliable brokerage. Make the investment in time now to evaluate different services now in order minimize costly and aggravating disappointments later.

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