Meet 5 Bloggers Who Have Made Millions from Their Blogs

As the popularity of online information sites increases, many people have been able to make a lot of money from compiling a blog. The money usually comes from advertising on the site so that people who read the blog will see the ads.

Much like how a daily newspaper sells space on each page for advertising. In fact, so much advertising has been moved to blogs and content web sites that many newspapers are finding it increasingly difficult to attract the amount of advertising that they once did.

Many people are abandoning traditional print forms of media and reading all news and getting all of their news and information from blogs and other news websites.

Billions Of Advertising Dollars Being Spent Online

For the year 2012, the money spent on advertising online will be greater than money spent on newspaper ads. The rise in ads online is expected to increase by a whopping 23% from last year. Over $39 billion is expected to be spent on advertising on blogs and web sites. Newspapers are expected to fall around $3 billion from last year’s total.

This is a lot of money and by creating your own blog you can have a portion of this money. You could expect to earn from a few hundred dollars a month to thousands if you are willing to put the effort in.

There is PPC or pay per click and pay per impression that generate money for you when people click on the ad links. There are also affiliate programs that can raise money for you.

Meet The Bloggers

You might read some of the top money making blogs already and have seen all of the advertising they attract, but here are a couple:

Pete Cashmore –

Pete Cashmore focused on his home town of Aberdeen in 2005. Now he has followers on Facebook and Twitter and is reportedly in talks with CNN and amounts of up to $200 million have been rumored.

Perez Hilton –

Perez Hilton’s blog on celebrity gossip has 300 million hits each month and he is making big money indeed.

Ariana Huffington –

Adriana Huffington’s more traditional news site blog is proof that news is still popular, but that it has moved from print to online.

John Chow –

John Chow runs a blog showing people how he makes money online, his blog attracts over 200,000 users per month and reportedly generates him over $40,000

Brock Hamilton –

Brock Hamilton started a blog in 2010 called and built it up until it was generating upwards of $50,000 to $60,000 per month in revenue. He then sold it for an undisclosed 7 figure some.

Of course there are thousands of blogs out there that make little to no money, but this list just goes to show you what is possible with the right combination of a good idea and the persistence to see it through.

So do some research into a favourite topic and decide on a blog name and you might just be the next millionaire blogger.

What are you waiting for?

If you want part of the advertising action that is being spent on the web start thinking about creating your own blog today and research ways of getting advertising. Of course a niche market will be best as there won’t be any about. Think of a favourite topic that you haven’t seen on the web and create a domain name, sign up for web hosting and for under $20 you could be on your way to your first million dollars.