This 8 Year Old Makes How Much a Month on YouTube?

If this does not prove to you the power of YouTube video marketing, I am not sure that anything will. This 8 year old girl Charli has a channel on YouTube that makes her well over $160,000 every single month. Charli’s YouTube channel, CharlisCraftyKitchen, is one that expresses her love for cooking and crafts through creative and fun how-to videos. Charli and Ashlee are two young girls from Australia who took their love for being creative and crafty to a whole new level. These YouTube videos make them $163,000 a month which adds up to $1.9 million dollars a year.

These two young ladies started their YouTube channel back in September of 2012 and make delicious creations such as Minnie Mouse Cupcakes and healthy fruit pops. With more than 29 million YouTube views every month it is difficult to ever seen these gals from slowing down. They are beating out all of the top chefs in the world by expressing their fun and creative side. These girls have spunk, personality, and an impeccable business sense.

These two girls have created a successful business empire by making cooking and craft tutorials. What is their secret? They not only appeal to children but to adults as well. They have beaten out Jamie Oliver and other famous chefs with their fun and adventurous cooking videos. The power that YouTube can have on any business is tremendous and undeniable. Charli had an idea and she ran with it. She is consistent, smart, and she appeals to a wide audience. Many people who have small businesses wonder how she can do it and they can’t. What is little Charli doing that businesses all over the world are not? She is getting to the top of YouTube search results, that’s what.

YouTube Optimization

Just like with Google, Bing, and Yahoo, you have to get to the top of the search rankings or no one will ever see your content. The higher amount of views you get, the higher you are going to be in those rankings. So how do you do it?

1: Creative Title

Titles are what make people click on your video, it really is that simple. Take a few minutes to create something truly creative and unique but also reflects your business and the topic of the video. Make sure your title contains some of your targeted keywords for SEO and back linking purposes. Keep in mind that your content must deliver, so make sure that your title is a preview of the unique content to come.

2: Thorough Description

Make sure your description is extremely thorough and is at least 2 or 3 paragraphs in length. Keep your targeted keywords in your description. With YouTube, you will need to put in multiple versions of the keyword or phrase and it has to be exact. For instance you will need to include both “chocolate cupcakes” and “chocolate cupcake.”

3: Utilize Tags

Put at least 10 tags and make sure they are relevant to the video that you are posting. Also use both singular and plural versions of the tags. YouTube is not as perceptive as Google.

4: Transcribe your Video

YouTube has a transcribe function that helps you to boost your ranking. Take the few minutes that is needed to transcribe your video and include the text file. Close-caption your video in order to boost your videos rank. As with everything, make sure you have your targeted phrases and keywords included.

5: Get Views

This is easier said than done, but the best thing you can do to help your video rank on YouTube is to get more views. This means sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. Share it with your colleagues, friends, family, and anyone who will be willing to watch it. The more views you obtain the higher your video will rank on YouTube. Ask for opinions from colleagues and family to see if there is anything you can do to make your video more appealing.

6: Personality

It is very important to make sure that your personality shines through in the video that you are promoting. The reason Charli has received so many views and made so much money with her YouTube videos is because people think she’s cute and has a lovely and appealing personality. If you make a dull and boring video, you are not going to attract videos. Think outside of the box while still allowing your personality to shine through. Even if the subject matter is boring, try to make it as exciting as you possibly can.

7: If it isn’t broke…

Once you find your audience, stick with whatever works. If you are appealing to a specific audience and they like your personality as well as the product you have to offer then do not change anything about what you are doing. Be consistent with what you are doing. Make new videos as often as you can and make sure they offer something a little different every single time. Charli and her cooking videos show people how do perform a specific cooking task. Make sure you are doing just that. Teach them something valuable and they are sure to come back wanting to learn more. This will also drive traffic to your website which in turn gives you a boost in sales.

So Charli makes $163,000 a month or more being passionate about what she does and sharing it with the world. You can do that, right? Of course! Take the time to appeal to your target audience. Have a business plan, utilize keywords and search engine optimization to get more views to your videos and boost your YouTube ranking. Nobody said it was going to be an easy task. But if you take the time to appeal to your audience you will see results. Take your passion and create something that appeals to many. You will be surprised at what you see next.

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