10 Reasons why it sucks to be an Online Entrepreneur

If you have always dreamed of having your own business online and you really want to become an online entrepreneur, there are many things that you should know about before you get started. While there are certainly many advantages to being an online entrepreneur, there are many negative aspects to it as well. It’s good to get know both sides of the fence before you decide whether or not this job is for you.

Work Hours are Often Very Long

You will notice when you become an online entrepreneur, that there are many hours involved in getting things started. Once you do get started, it will mean longer hours to keep things going. Until you get to the point where you can allow someone else to take over the busiest aspect of your position, if that’s what you choose to do, you should be prepared to work many, many long hours for a good while in order to make your business as successful as possible.

You’ll wonder About Life Outside

Sometimes your personal life will suffer when you choose to start your own business. Your friends will stop asking you to go places, and you won’t have the social life that you want because you are often too busy working. It can be fairly hard to hold up relationships when you have to focus solely on your business and making sure that it grows.

Extra Stressful

Being your own boss is often a lot more stressful than working for someone else. It’s unfortunate because you have to make your business what you want it to be and this might mean that your health suffers due to lack of sleep and other personal things that may be going on in your life. You should always make sure that you are doing what you can in order to receive stress relief.

Money isn’t Always Guaranteed

Unlike a normal 9 to 5 job outside of the home, when you work for yourself, the money isn’t always guaranteed. You may have really good weeks, and you may have really bad weeks. Sometimes you may not make anything at all for weeks at a time. This can really put a damper on your motivation but it’s important to keep going if you want your business to be successful.

Personal Life will suffer

It is likely that your personal life will suffer a bit when you start your own business. You may notice that not only do you have time to go out with friends, but you may also have a problem even maintaining the cleanliness of your house at times. It’s important to make sure that you do what you can to stay afloat emotionally and mentally while you are going through the challenging times of starting your own business.

Responsible for All Decisions

When you have your own business, you are responsible for every single decision that is made in regards to your company. This can put a lot of pressure on you because if it fails, you will feel responsible. On the same token, if you are successful, you will feel really great about everything that you have accomplished. Make sure that you weigh all options before you make big decisions, and think about what you are doing from every direction.

Big Risks Don’t Always Mean Big Rewards

Working for yourself is often a huge risk, and sometimes it won’t come with large rewards. If you do your research, you may be able to find out how well your business will do, based on how well other businesses in the area are doing. The great thing about doing everything online, is that it is not just limited to your specific area.

There’s Tons of Competition

You will notice that there is a lot of competition when it comes to online entrepreneurship. Many people are starting their own businesses these days, and some may be well established already. This can cause a problem for you when it comes to being a new business because you may have to work extra hard to get the clients that you need in order to be successful. To get a feel for what is out there, you should market yourself for a bit before you jump in head first. If you can get a good client base started before you really begin your business, then you are starting off on the best foot possible, which gives you a great chance at success.

It Can Get Lonely

You are likely to get a little lonely working in your home by yourself all the time. It’s a good idea to make time for yourself every few days, or even for just a few minutes a day, away from work. Your stress levels can affect your health, and loneliness can lead to depression, so it’s important to make time for yourself so that you can be happy, which can lead to greater success in your business.

There Are No Guarantees

When you work for yourself, there is no guarantee for advancement or success. It’s going to be what you make it, and even when you put in everything you’ve got, your business still may not be what you want it to be. You need to look at the bigger picture, focus on what you want a few years down the road, and really strive for the best. The harder you try, the more likely you are to be successful in your online entrepreneurship.

In short, this is a big decision to make, if you do decide that becoming an online entrepreneur is something you want to do. You would be wise to weigh all of the pros and cons and take everything into consideration before you decide to let go of your current life and move into the world of entrepreneurship. While it can be a life changing decision, it doesn’t always mean it’s a good change.

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