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4 Reasons Your Small Business Will Get Started Faster With Salesforce

Small to medium businesses are undoubtedly the engine of a country’s economy. They characterize every bit of innovation. Nonetheless, often, these companies need to go faster especially with technology solutions and less implementation support. Therefore, would it not be incredible if these companies had some shortcuts to success?

The following are some of the reasons your business will grow faster with Salesforce:

1. It is extremely simple

When you begin using any CRM app, concentrating on the essentials and avoiding any distraction is one the prudent things to do. With Salesforce, you can be sure this will be an easy thing to do. You get a vast box full of incredible tools, which you do not need to pull them all at once. You can always hide elements that you don’t need. Additionally, you can also switch it off. This allows your team to work on strictly what is important.

2. It speaks your language

The good thing about Salesforce is that it understands you do not need to learn new business terms in order to use new business applications. Therefore, the apps provided let you change the app so that it displays the terms you use every day. Changing the tab names and standard fields is a walk in the park. You can create totally new custom fields within minutes. This ensures that your business goes on without any hitches.

3. It feels just like home

Salesforce provides your small business with easy to use apps. All you need to do is brand the app with your own identity. The good thing is you hardly need to be a web designer or an app developer to use them. Adding your business corporate logo or changing the login screen normally takes seconds. Moreover, adding news snippets or custom links to your homepage takes seconds. When any member of your team logs in to the system for the first time, he or she shall experience a system that looks familiar.

4. Data migration is absolutely easy

Most people are normally not excited on the mention of the term ‘data migration’. Nonetheless, everyone has some information when it comes to spreadsheets, Outlook contacts and other tools. Well, the number one stumbling block to most organizations is getting all these into a completely new CRM system. If your small organization is experiencing difficulties when it comes to CRM systems, there is no better CRM software to handle your customer relationship management needs than Salesforce CRM. Salesforce gives you a quick and easy way to solve all your complex issues through their impressive data import wizard.

With the Salesforce data loader, you can perform an array of things. This data loader can enable you perform bulk deletions. You can also use it to get data into your Salesforce objects. With this tool, you can also extract data from Salesforce database objects. The tool brings with it the following features:

  • An extremely easy to use wizard interface
  • An incredible alternate command line interface
  • A high quality built-in CSV file viewer
  • A drag and drop field mapping
  • The support of extremely large files with over a million rows
  • Total support for all objects including the custom objects.
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