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Ten Inspiring Blogs That Everyone Should See

It isn’t always easy to find inspiration. Maybe you want to spend a few more minutes, maybe an hour, under the covers in bed rather than go for a morning jog. What’s the point? Or you have a feeling of hopelessness that you won’t do well at the upcoming interview for the job you have wanted for a long time.

Life can be a challenge as there are a variety of factors and roadblocks in the way both mentally and physically. But it doesn’t have to be that way. These ten websites provide tips, advice and stories to get you to think positively as you aim for your goals.

1. Edward Lychik –

After losing his leg due to a bomb during a deployment to Afghanistan with the U.S. Army at age 19, Lychik found the drive to push through his rehabilitation and took a year’s journey to become a long-distance marathon runner. After a few races, he became the first hip amputee to finish four marathons, including the 2014 Boston Marathon. Lychik uses his story to inspire people to never give up hope and to always strive towards your goals.

2. Make it Happen –

There are people in the world who strive to do something every day to make the world a little bit better, at the very least more bearable. For Arvind Devalia, he does that with each article he posts that show how readers can get closer to living a life they deserve, step by step. One of the best parts of his blogs is that he provides those steps with different exercises to help you take the right actions necessary. He has also written an eBook titled “Get the Life You Love” will also help you in that journey.

3. The Art of Non-Conformity –

Chris Guillebeau focuses on the pursuit of a person reaching their full potential by being an extraordinary person in everyday life. This can be done by battling against the conventional beliefs that sometimes hold some people back due to their cause in creating mental roadblocks. His blog provides a smart and original home to unique people who want to do more than just the standard in life. Guillebeau also shares stories from his readers and how his words have helped them achieve their goals, this helps others just like the.

4. Dumb Little Man –

Magnus Marak is a former teacher who writes about how people can get more done in less time while living the type of life that is rich in more ways than just financial wealth. One of his blogs focuses on “Little Known Ways of Being Productive,” where he introduces readers to simple tricks like limiting tasks to the most important ones first and shortening the time allowed for each task to create self-imposed to help make the workload feel more bearable and less like a giant pile of weights that are impossible to move.

5. Creative Something –

Sometimes the inspiration you need is not to live happier or be rich, but to be inspired to create art – whether it’s a book, song or painting. It is the belief of blogger Tanner Christensen that everyone is capable of being creative in their own way and he writes about the various ways to find that creativity – but he also explains in his blog that there’s a science to the art of creativity. Since 2008, Christensen has shared his results of how much better people can understand their own creativity and how to utilize that power in their lives.

6. Moz–

This blog is written by a college dropout who began to write about search engine optimization, starting in 2004, and uses much of his experience working in his family’s web development company. Over the years, Fishkin has turned the focus towards creating SEO software and helping with education resources within the search industry. While running the company, he will still post blogs about his work and how others can follow in the same footsteps.

7. Smart Passive Income –

After joining the unemployment line a few years after starting and left with a growing family to support, Pat Flynn opened up his website to track his progress of multiple sites and different online money making projects to see what would work. Ever since he started, he has revealed his monthly earnings to his readers and showing them that there is a way to make a living through today’s tough economic times. There was a six month period where he earned an average of $50,000 per month.

8. The Utopian Life –

Let’s face it, everyone pictures what life would be like if they had a personal utopia – a perfect setting where they felt everything was perfect. Author Thai Nguyen – a chef, rugby player, kickboxer, writer and teacher – shares thoughts about the pursuits of happiness, productivity and motivation to build that perfect world every person wants and it all begins with “you” – where the path of one’s utopia begins and requires to dream, believe, create and succeed.

9. Life Hack –

The website includes popular lists that ranges from things a person learns from their past relationships to the important lessons learned from reading past journals, like how things always seem worse than they really are in the moment they occur and how not all relationships will last forever – things to keep in mind during tough times in life and remember that sunnier skies lie ahead. The message has remained the same since a team of contributors has grown from the site’s founder Leon Ho.

10. Get Motivation –

The site includes tips and advice on motivation, self-improvement and strategies towards success where there are a series of blogs, articles and stories that all aim for the same goals – proving motivation to get people to think and believe in themselves. One of Josh Hinds’ recent posts focuses on the six steps to finding the perfect work-life balance that can seem like the toughest every day challenge. Another shows the different ways to achieve goals with small, yet consistent efforts.

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