Nice Guys Finish…First

Nice guys are finally finishing first, contrary to what many may believe. In relationships, business, and in general, nice guys are awesome. Studies are showing that guys (and gals) who build strong business relationships with their colleagues are building strong healthy relationships for the long term. But most people don’t bother to take the relationships they build with colleagues seriously. After all, it is just work after all, right? Studies have proven that if you have strong relationships with your co-workers then you focus more on your work and not whether or not you are impressing your colleagues. You turn into a more goal-oriented person. No, really.

If you have no friends at work, no one you have built a relationship with, you tend to be bummed about it, right? When you are down and out do you typically work to your highest possible abilities? So how do you build strong friendships at work? It’s called being a nice guy. You don’t always have to put on the tough guy façade at work. You can be a nice guy and now it is finally going to pay off. Here are some things can do to make sure you achieve your goal of being the nice guy.

  1. Find Similarities

Research has revealed that similarity is a building that is basic of human relationship. Here’s how that understanding may be placed by you to definitely use: hit up conversations about common hobbies and interests you might talk to colleagues about. Anything from rooting for the same football team, watching the exact same TV show, or raising children which can be around the age that is exact same. Research shows that the greater amount of colleagues speak about non-work topics, the more likely these are typically to be buddies.

  1. Common Struggle

Search for assignments that you are both responsible for and see how you need each other to help one another succeed. If you can find a common ground when it comes to things that are work related, it will make it easier for you to work as a team if it ever comes down to that.

  1. Build Friendships Outside of Work

Yes, it is okay to meet a friend outside of work. It is hard to build a true friendship when you have duties and responsibilities in the workplace. Ask a friend out for a drink after work or see if they want to go out to lunch. That is a good way for you to show them that you are truly a nice guy and are making time for them outside of the workplace environment.

  1. Befriend Competitors

You may not think that it is productive, but making friends with your business competitors is also a good idea. You are going to have a lot of things in common because you are doing the same job in the same industry. Obviously you can’t share insider trading secrets or anything like that. But nobody ever said you could not be friends with a competitor. It’s only business after all.

  1. Build a Network of Friends

Do you have an old friend that you would like to reconnect? Maybe someone you have not seen in in a while and would like to meet for a cup of coffee or for a lunch date. Or maybe there is someone that you are simply acquaintances with that you would like to get to know better. There is no time like the present. You could be missing out on a deep and meaningful friendship when all you have to do is be friendly and maybe buy them a cup of coffee. It is okay to reach out to people who you normally wouldn’t reach out to. That is what makes you a nice guy,

  1. Find a Hobby

Numerous studies have shown that friendships are commonly built when two people are doing an activity together such as going to the gym or taking a walk. Maybe you could take a class together or take swimming lessons. You can bond and show that you are more than just a colleague, but you can be a friend too. Take the time to ask and you will be surprised at the answer you will receive in return.

  1. Be Yourself

Many people tend to put on a different persona when they are at work. There is “home Bob” and then there’s “work Bob.” “Work Bob” is boring and does not talk to anyone at work. He just sits there typing away at his desk, contributing nothing socially, he just wants to go home so he can be “home Bob” again. What most people do not realize is that it really is okay to be yourself at work. There is nothing that other people like more than someone who is real and that they can relate to. How are you ever going to build a friendship if you are not showing who you really are at work? There is nothing to be afraid of. You will be surprised at the people who will appreciate your honesty and your ability to be yourself.

You really do not have to put on your “game face” at work all the time. Spending more time building strong work relationships will benefit you more in the future. You can consistently make connections and build a network of friends that will make you a stronger and more successful human being.




Taking the time to get to know someone may seem challenging, but if you are spending that much time with them you might as well get to know them, right? Most people spend more time at work than they do at home with their families. There is no need to be miserable. Stand up tall and make some friends. Find some common ground and you could wind up with a lifelong friend. Being a nice guy really does pay off. Just take the time to give a little and you will be thanked for it.

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