9 Apps That Can Help You Be A Better Leader

As a leader sets up his toolkit to assist in becoming a better leader in the rough and tumble business world of today’s economy, there are a few ideas to be found by using various apps on mobile devices. Some of them can help simplify projects, while others help relieve stress. There’s an app for this, that, and everything in between.

The following list of applications help take care of all the little things that allow business leaders to focus more on becoming established business leaders. Not any single person can do everything – sometimes we need some extra help to get through the work week.


This application allows you to see the progress of any given project while collaborating with other team members in a more streamlined online system. The app provides users to create pages showing each current project, who is managing each project, and the progress of each current project.

The pages can be customized to create as many categories necessary for each project. This allows for a boost in productivity and accountability, which will in turn lead to an increase in success for the organization by showing the overall scope of the company’s projects for the team to see as each step is accomplished through a transparent platform.


During today’s digital age where using paper can be a waste – in conjunction with the death of another tree – and is no more true than when it comes to bills, invoices, and other notices needed for the accounting department. These papers do need to be handled by various employees in that department – all the more reason they can easily be lost in the shuffled hustle and bustle.

This app allows digital payments to be moved to a Cloud storage system and expedites the process by allowing leaders to coordinate necessary documents in a single, easy go-to place. It’s also able to manage all financial documents to keep the expense report clear and on time at any given time during the office’s work day.


With the responsibility of being a business leader and having to constantly juggle management duties with various tasks, lists of things to do that run wild – all of which can overwhelm any successful business leader in the modern age.

WunWun provides users the ability to create orders from various supplemental businesses and have those transactions delivered in less than an hour the order was made. Similar to the Uber taxi service, prices adjust depending on the day, time, changes in commute times, and how much the weather will cooperate with plans.

By outsourcing the administrative errands allows business leaders reducing their anxiety and overwhelmed by allowing more time to work with their customers. The reduction in tasks also provides more downtime to rest and enjoy time with their families. This can also trickle down to the leaders’ employees who will also have less on their daily plate to allow them to focus more on their job performance.


One of the biggest things that often falls on the lower parts of a priority list is health and wellness. Who can blame anyone who has the pressures of running a business? But there are several health benefits to keeping active like relieving stress, erasing mental stress, and gain a boost of energy to get through the day.

This app finds the perfect fitness programs in various cities globally while tracking progress as the user uploads data either manually or through other complimentary wellness apps that can track calories burned and time spent exercising. The app also tracks eating habits in an effort to gain a better overall sense of personal health.

LinkedIn Connected

The importance of having a network of professional connections used to establish partnerships and improve business relationships with those who you work alongside in your industry. The app also sends notifications regarding any updates in employment, holidays, and other important dates.

One of the features of the application shows how the business contact and you are similar while providing a brief summary key facts to keep in mind.


Several businessmen and women can understand the pain of rushing into the subway station and watching as your transportation pulls away just as they get to the platform. With time being a main goal and the busy city being its usual self, using things like a taxi, bus, or train can negatively alter an entrepreneur’s punctuality.

This application removes the guesswork of using public transit and shows the quickest and simplest routes to take any time of the day or night. There are updating schedules, maps, and navigation of hundreds of metropolitan areas both in the United States and globally. The biggest plus is avoiding the tardiness and focusing more time on more important matters.


There are several who feel like a prisoner in the office because of a conference call that the rest of the work day has to be scheduled around. This app allows a young businessperson to handle the conference calls on the go straight from a mobile device.


Instead of using multiple websites every day to get the important daily news, the Flipboard app allows a user to select from current events and several categories to deliver the relevant news in one centralized news feed.

The elimination of having to jump between multiple websites often leads to an increase in productivity by allowing the application to summarize everything based on your personal preferences. Everything is highly customizable to fit your needs to track the latest in your industry, or many keep a stream of your favorite sports teams to view as a small break.


The app allows to manage both team’s project list and an individual task list to maintain focus and allowing quick access to see the status of any specific project happening throughout the day. Trello shows everything that is in motion throughout the company while using status updates, due dates, status reports, and the ability to leave comments for the team.

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