Australian guy makes over $10,000/Month working part time from his home office

Brock Hamilton reveals to readers how he makes over $10,000 a month working part time from home, even in these tough economic times.

CARDIFF – CA 2012  – Can You Really Make Money Online, Working From Home?

Brock Hamilton could never see himself working a typical 9 to 5 job. He always knew he wanted to make money, and he wasn’t afraid of a bit of hard work. But he could never get excited about the idea of driving back and forth every day in peak hour traffic to work 40 to 60 hours a week in some job that he hated.

At first he thought that running his own small business was the answer, but he quickly found out firsthand how 90% of small businesses fail within their first few  years of business.

So he turned to the internet and now works out of his home office, working about 15 to 20 hours a week, makes a full time income, and spends most of his time with his wife and their 2 year old daughter.

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INCOME.COM: Tell us how you got into the whole internet business space.

BROCK HAMILTON: I just wanted something real, I didn’t want to scam people out of their money, or sell some kind of pyramid scheme or whatever. I was happy to put the work in, and just wanted to be compensated for my time, plus have the opportunity to make more money than I could in a 9 to 5 job.

Do you think that this is a realistic way for other people to make money?

Absolutely, there is a huge opportunity right now to get involved. The internet has proven that its not just a passing fad, its here to stay. But it is still in its infancy stage, which means that anyone  can get started without having to spend a lot of money.

Why did you decide to start an online business?

For me it’s perfect, I always wanted to make good money and enjoy life, but I didn’t want to have to sacrifice spending time with my family for working and making money, so for me, this is the perfect business.

Can you briefly explain to our readers,  exactly what you do to make money:

Basically, I build websites,  (But don’t let that scare you off, it’s a lot easier than most people realize). I build simple websites that solve peoples problems. So if someone is searching the internet trying to learn how to do something, I will build a website that teaches them how to do it. And if they need to purchase anything to complete this task, then I will get paid a small commission for recommending a place where they can buy it.

Sometimes the solution is a lot simpler, they might just be looking for information, and in that case I will build a website that gives them the information they want, and then I sell advertising space on that site, just like a magazine or newspaper does.

That’s about as complicated as it gets. A lot of people get put off because they think its going to be complicated, but you can just keep it simple and it works just as well.

Whats the best thing about your online business

The ability to work whenever I want to and still be able to make as much money as I want, for me is the best thing. I am a bit of a night owl, so I usually spend all day with my daughter, and just enjoying life, then after she goes to bed, I sit down in my office and spend a few hours getting stuff done.

Whats the worst thing about your online business:

 I am not going to lie to you, there are ups and downs in this business, just like there is in anything else. But in my opinion, the highs greatly outweigh the lows. When I first started doing this for myself, It took a while to get going, but within my first year, I was making over $10,000 per month, and some months, a lot more.

What advice would you give to someone looking to get started:

I’d say gor for it,  but just be careful not to get sucked into those scams that tell you can make millions of dollars overnight just by clicking a few buttons on some magic software they have developed. They sound so good, and I have to admit that I have been sucked in, more than a few times. But I have been completely disappointed every time.

So find someone who has done it before, and get them to show you the ropes.

And start off at whatever pace is comfortable for you. I have seen a few people quit their job overnight, and say that’s it, I am going to make a living online now, but they usually regret it. Like anything, it takes time to learn this stuff, so it’s a much better idea to just start slow, set aside some time every day, or every few days to work on it, and you might be surprised at how fast things start to add up. I know I was.

Brock, thank you so much for your time. It’s not everyday we get to pick the brain of a online marketer and blogger who has literally made millions in the online space. I really like your advice of finding someone who has done it before and having them show you the ropes. Having a “mentor” can really be a catapult for success. I also think what you said about the ups and downs are incredibly important, the old saying, “If it was easy, everyone would be doing it,” is so true. All of you out there that are seriously considering starting your own online business and want to learn what it is about, click here, but please realize that your attitude and determination will do more for your success or failure than any one gold nugget of information you get here. Applying what you learn and then executing it correctly are the art of smart. Like I always say, to start the business of your dreams, just get started! I hope this interview with a stay at home father who is a internet millionaire might just give you the motivation you need. Here’s to a prosperous, fun and exciting, 2013.

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