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Yes our contact us page is old school, old school like 1982

Call us here:

We have no automated attendant, we have no voice-mails, but we swear you will speak to a human between 9am-6pm PST.

We have absolutely no fax machine
We have email if you’re an amazing digital genius
[email protected]

We prefer smoke signals, if you do too, our code is two puffs, pause, two more puffs or postal service address is:
1492 Silicone way
Saint George, UT 84770

You can use our space age technology machine and also ask immediate questions between the hours mentioned above on that odd looking box below.

But please, we’re talkers not TyPErs, feel free to call. We’re really weird and like to have human interaction, we apologize for our rudeness in advance.

And P.S. Thanks to all those small business owners out there, creating jobs and fighting their butts off everyday to live the American Dream. We believe in you!!

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