Large E-Tailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Jet for example have changed the game of online distribution. It is no longer nearly enough to have just an e-commerce presence online.

The issue with online E-Tailers is it is easy for your product to get lost among the masses; visibility is the key to having success with distribution.

So How Does Your Product Get The Attention it Needs Among Massive Competition and Lack Of Visibility?


Our proprietary Kung Pow! ranking service will drive your product to the front page for your desired keywords. We focus on main keywords and long tail keywords within the E-Tailer platform.

Having your product/brand represented on the top E-Tailer page for your category not only drives sales and distribution but creates a brand recognition seen by your target audience that is searching out a product like yours.

It doesn't matter if you’re after a monster keyword with 1,000,000’s of searches or looking to dial down to a more niche listing.....

We Don’t Charge You A Dime Until You Are On The First Page!!

To learn more about Kung Pow! and the magic it wields contact us for a consultation so we can learn more about your E-Tailor strategy and see if Kung Pow! is a fit for your brand.



Getting to the top page in your category is what Kung Pow! ranking service is built for.

But your E-Tailer page needs to be optimized for sales and conversions. We spend time consulting with all of our Kung Pow! customers to make sure that their page is primo and ready to convert the traffic that’s on its way.

We focus on the micro details of your page and help you get it dialed in to convert and produce an entirely new channel of distribution that you currently aren’t focused on or aren’t maximizing.

The goal of our page optimization service is complete E-Tailer automation. And with our (PFP) paid for performance model we put our money where our mouth is.



Once the Kung Pow! Magic kicks in the excitement and momentum can be used to start to expand your product offering and branding.

For example, if you are selling plates and glasses, there are two lines of thinking within our model:

  • Focus and make your products quality driven and value centric and stay in your exact niche driving sales and communication.
  • Focus and make your products quality driven and value centric. Then focus on a strategy to
  • owning the products on the entire kitchen table. Use Kung Pow! to get other products within
  • your brand in front of the millions of shoppers visiting the large E-tailers. Expand your brand

Either Kung Pow! strategy brings distribution happiness, but you will now have the ability and control to expand your brand or drive sales deep in your niche.

Choice Creates Champions.


Let is help you perfect your product with extensive feedback from your actual customers. We found out more through large E-Tailer feedback for our own personal brands than any other mechanism available online today.

Our system collects the data and presents it to you in such a way that allows product development decisions to be made on logic instead of impulse. We all want our products to be well received and sellable, making changes and decisions have to be based off extensive research and feedback. This piece of the Kung Pow! system is often overlooked with the excitement of high rankings and product recognition, but the byproduct of the results Kung Pow! produces is valuable feedback and suggestions from your actual customers.

Always remember Income.com doesn’t provide a service to anyone that we have not used and proven out ourselves and our brands. We have reshaped and improved many of our own products due to this strategy. The result has been happier customers and an increase in sales. Kung Pow!