The Small Business Internet Startup – Tutorial

Starting an internet based small business can be very exciting and lucrative. Our small business tutorial will walk you through everything from getting your website up and live on the web to making sure you have the correct marketing and products in place to sell to to establishing yourself legall so that you can take advantage of all the tax deductions that are available to small business owners here in the great United States of America. Please follow our guide step by step. It is very important to look at this like a checklist and stay on one step until it is fully completed. is excited to see you get your business off the ground and making money. Please feel to comment and reference our Contact Us page. We are here to walk you through any problems that may arise and give you the one on one help you might need. Now let’s get you started…….


Step 1. How to create a domain name

You will absolutely need a domain name for your business.

(i.e. suggests that if possible you register a domain ending in .com. This is sometimes more challenging as the .com is prime internet real estate. We have arranged a discount for you with godaddy to get a domain name at rock bottom pricing. Click on the links below to get your domain name registered and when finished come back to this page. You only have one more step before the marketing team can take over and get working on your website.

1) The first step in registering your domain name is to select the domain registrar you will use. is currently the most popular domain registrar in the world. Go to to see the landing page for this registrar. This page provides users with the ability to search for the domain names that are currently available, and it will also allow you to purchase them. The search box for the domain name will look like this:



2) Enter the domain name that you want in the search box and click on the Go button. Godaddy will tell you if your desired name is available or if it is taken by someone else. If you find the domain you wanted is already taken, you will be shown a list of alternatives, or you can simply try a few different domains until you find one that you like.







You should select a domain name with an extension of .com, .net or .org, since these extensions achieve the best rankings with search engines.

3) Check the box next to the domain name you want and click on the Continue button to continue with the registration process. The registration application will ask you if you want to buy additional extensions for your domain name. You will typically click the No, Thanks! button since most website owners don’t require more than one extension.

4) The registration application will ask you to select a payment option and the length of time for which you wish to register your domain name. You should typically select a registration period of one year, so you can renew the registration on an annual basis. You will also have the option to select a web hosting service and a range of privacy protection services. You should decline all of these options and obtain these services from a company that specializes in web hosting. GoDaddy is an excellent domain registrar, but it does not have as much experience as a web host. The registration application will then send you a receipt for your purchases via email. Save this receipt for later use. Your domain should be ready for you within 24 hours, although this process usually requires much less time.

5) You now own the domain name at this point.


    Step 2. Get Hosting set up for your new site

Getting your domain hosted is like buying a house (your domain you just got at godaddy) and now putting the house on a lot. Hosting is where your domain is going to be “parked” and have a permanent residence. Of all the hosting companies out there, has determined that hostgator offers the most benefits as well as the best overall pricing. Click through and follow the instructions below to get your domain hosted and ready for your website to be built.

Choose a web host service once you have a domain name. The most important factors to consider when you make this decision are to select an established service and to avoid cheap offers. Many hosting services that offer extremely low pricing have a large amount of downtime.

Hostgator is a user-friendly hosting service that is reasonably priced and has been in business for a long time. It has a high data transfer rate and provides reliable service. Hostgator offers unlimited bandwidth, allowing it to support a website with a large number of users. Hostgator also provides unlimited disk space, allowing you to put as much content on your website as you wish.


1) The first step to creating an account with Hostgator is to access this service at The landing page at this site has a button labeled “View Web Hosting Plans.

Click this button to display Hostgator’s hosting plans, which currently include a Hatchling Plan, Baby Plan and Business Plan. Select “Hatchling Plan” if you have only one domain, since the primary benefit of the more expensive plans is an unlimited number of domains. Select the length of time for which you want the plan and click the Order Now! button.



2) The next page will prompt you to use an existing domain name or register a new domain name. You already have a domain name at this point, so you should choose the option for the existing domain name. Enter your domain name in the appropriate text field and press the button below this field marked “Continue to Step 2”.






3) Complete the billing and account information on the next page. Click the button labeled “Create Account!” Hostgator will process and configure your hosting plan, which will typically become active within one hour. You will receive information about your account in an email message, including your name servers and login data. Save this information, since you will need it when you configure your domain. The setup for your web host account requires only five minutes to complete.
You have now registered your domain name and obtained a web hosting service. The next step will link these two items together.

Configure Your Domain

The configuration of your domain involves changing parameters such as the domain name system and name servers. A DNS is a distributed naming system for a computer resource that is connected to a network such as the Internet. A name server is a computer that maps the domain name to the Internet Protocol address of your website. This process is quite easy, as you’ll see.

1) Access your domain registrar, which is in your case. Log in to GoDaddy by entering the userid and password that you received from GoDaddy when you registered your domain name. The login fields are located at the top of the page.

2) Click on the Domains tab, and then click on the GO TO button. Select My Account, and then select Domain Management:




3) Select your domain name to go to the configuration page for your domain. This page contains all of the parameters for your domain that you can configure. The configuration page will look like this:




4) Click the link marked “Set Nameservers” to display the following window:



Select the radio button labeled “I have specific name servers for my domains”. Enter the names of the two nameservers you received from the web hosting service into the first two nameserver fields. The field labeled “Nameserver 3” may remain blank. The nameserver information is in the email message that you got from Hostgator when you received the hosting plan.

Click the OK button to enter your nameserver information. This information usually takes effect within two hours.

5) This completes the domain configuration phase of setting up your website. You have now linked a domain name from GoDaddy with a hosting account from Hostgator. This step requires only a few minutes to complete, although it requires additional time to take effect.

Contact GoDaddy about any difficulty you have with your hosting account recognizing your nameservers

Step 3. Get familiar with WordPress and build your website




Watch our tutorials and learn how to become a Word Press Master


The next step in setting up a website is to install a CMS platform such as WordPress. This platform is free and bloggers have used it for many years. WordPress is also easy to install and has many options that allow you to customize its installation. This CMS is generally a very important tool for creating a website.

WordPress comes with a set of pre-designed themes, which allow you to give your website a professional appearance without hiring a web designer. It also has search engine optimization features that are easy to implement. Many third parties have developed plugins that improve the SEO value of WordPress. For example, the “All in one SEO” plugin makes your website more visible to search engines.

The installation of WordPress can be difficult and time-consuming, especially if you’re a novice. Fortunately, Hostgator has a built-in application that automatically installs WordPress with the click of a button. All hosting plans from Hostgator include this WordPress installer.

The steps needed to install WordPress with the auto-installer from Hostgator are as follows:

1) Access the control panel for your website by entering into your web browser. This step requires your domain to be pointing to the name servers of your hosting service, which you did in step 2 of this tutorial.

2) Log on to your cpanel with the information in the email that you received from Hostgator when you bought their hosting plan. This action will display the Hostgator cpanel, which has a variety of features that will make WordPress more useful for your website.

3) Look in the Software/Services section of the cpanel for the Fantastico De Luxe icon and click this icon. It looks like a blue smiley face and appears as follows:


4) Look in the left sidebar of the Fantastico panel. The Blogs section of this sidebar will have a WordPress link.


5) Click on the WordPress link and follow the instructions to create a new installation of WordPress. The installer will ask you to provide some information needed to configure your WordPress installation, including your email address and WordPress logon information. Ensure you leave the Install in Directory field blank, since you will typically use the default installation directory.

Click the button marked “Install WordPress!”. This will take you to the next page in the installation process, which will provide you with your MySQL user name and the URL to access the MySQL database for your WordPress installation. Save this information for future reference. Click the button marked “Finish Installation”.

6) This completes your installation of WordPress on your website with the “twenty-ten” theme, which is the default theme for WordPress. You will be able to change this theme easily, once you gain access to the WordPress dashboard. This is part of your website configuration.

Your website should now look something like this:




Step 4. Finding products to sell

The easiest way to launch your site especially if your not sure what products you want to sell is to set up a drop shipping relationship where your not having to house product and your not limited to what products you can sell. When your site first goes live and traffic starts to show interest your really not sure how the visitors will react or what they will be looking for and most importantly what they will actually purchase. Enter a company named doba. doba is in the business of drop shipping products straight to your buyers for you. They supply hundred and hundreds of product choices for you to promote on your site. You don’t have to build a warehouse in your backyard as doba will ship the products directly from the order page on your site. Having the ability to provide your website viewers with products that they are interested in at amazing prices is a great place to start making money with your new internet business. has arranged for a 30 day free trial of doba’s services. Click here to learn more about doba and having them become your drop shipping partner.


Step 5. Your new $5 outsource solution

One of the greatest things about the online world today is that it seems things are getting cheaper all the time. is a community of micro-business owners that provide amazing and all encompassing services for five dollars. Every service listed is only five bucks. So we have pinpointed a few great services that as a new website owner are a must. If you’ve never been to fiverr before you will be amazed at everything that is offered there. Set up your account by clicking the fiverr logo below.



Step 6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)- How your customers will find you

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential element for your new website and business. You must get what’s called “organic” traffic to your site to keep your costs low. What we mean is the next time you “google” something there are different sets of results that show. The advertised results are usually on the top and down the right hand side of the page. These spots are called “Adwords” spots or PPC (pay per click), this is where through google you can determine a certain “keyword” you’d like to target and google will place your ad at the top of the results if your ad converts well, supplies those searching with what they’re looking for, and is relevant. So for instance, if your selling lamps, you would want to set up a google adwords account potentially targeting the keyword “lamps” or “lamps for sale”, or “inexpensive lamps”, all based on the amount of search volume those words get and what your budget is. So if your budget is $10 a day and the cost per click (cpc) is $1 you could expect to get something like 10 clicks a day. Now this is good traffic because you are providing the searcher what they are looking for. SEO does exactly the same but without the cost per click, that’s right click are free. The true organic results for a search are underneath the to adwords ads, and to the left of the adword ads running down the right hand side of the search results page. Having a good SEO strategy can skyrocket your profits and really take your site to the next level fast and effectively. We have a very valued partner in the SEO space who has agreed to do a full keyword analysis for you including integrating social into your SEO plans as well as a full documented proposal for DOMINATION, in your niche. This is a $300 value given to you for free and more than being free what let you know exactly which keywords you need to focus your attention on with a multitude of other strategies that you will learn how to incorporate into your overall business. So realize your getting a huge headstart by not having to do all the research to launch the correct SEO campaign and receive as much free organic traffic as possible to your site.



Step 7. Accept Credit Cards on your new site

The next step in getting your business going is the ability to accept credit cards on your site. We will also be helping you set up a paypal business account so you can transact business through this popular portal. Having the ability to accept Credit Cards is a must and as time goes by Paypal becomes a very expensive way to do business. Getting a good quality merchant account (A merchant account is what allows you to accept Visa, MC, etc.) and proper “Shopping Cart” is the long term best way to conduct business. A shopping cart is really just like what you see at the grocery store, it gives your shoppers the ability to compile products into one spot and place them all through your merchant account when they are ready to process the products they are buying from you. There are many amazing shopping cart technologies out there, but has offered users a lifetime 25% discount while giving you your first 30 days for free, which includes the installation to your site at no charge. Also, we have arranged for up to three different merchant account companies to give you a free estimate and consultation on what having a merchant account can transform your business, site, and overall sales. Let them compete for your business and offer you the best deal they can. Like paypals 5% processing fee, merchant accounts should be more like 2-3% of the gross sales amount.Click on the Veracart logo below and register for the Veracart free trial and your free merchant account consultations. You can thank us later 🙂




Because of their financial stability we recommend Yahoo! Merchant Solutions as our merchant provider here at We still believe in having companies bid on your merchant business but if you want to get a merchant account now, CLICK HERE to visit Yahoo! Merchant Solutions and see if this could be the place you want to start. We know they treat their clients well and have a very user friendly platform that’s very nice for new non technical business owners.

                                                                                                   Yahoo! Merchant Solutions – 35% off the first 3 months!


Step 8: Get some business cards printed up

By now you should have everything set up and ready to go. Your website, powered by wordpress and hosted at Hostgator should be live. You should have some products to promote through your new partnership with Doba. If you need anything tweaked on the site or any extra work done, you have been introduced to Fiver, the $5 micro business community, where you can find almost any solution you need for your small business. Hopefully you have started to research SEO and have emailed us and taken advantage of getting the best SEO companies bidding for your business. And you have decided to use Yahoo! Merchant Solution for your small business credit card processing.


We are excited that you have taken this journey and have gotten to this point. Running an online business is fun, exciting, sometimes frustrating but in the end it is rewarding to start your own business and learn something new.


The last thing we recommend is old school, get out there and tell people about your new endeavor. Get some business cards printed up at a massive discount rate and start handing them out wherever you go. When someone asks you what you do, don’t hesitate to tell them about your website, what your offerings are, and hand them a business card to make sure they visit the site and have your contact information in case they have any questions. PsPrint is offering a great deal on all your printing needs but we recommend that you start by getting your business cards today.


We hope has been a great resource for you in your desire to get an online business started. If you have any feedback for us. we’d love to hear it. Especially if your going to tell us about how successful the business you started is doing 🙂

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