Total WordPress Tutorial Part 2; Using Edit Features Within Posts & Pages


Step1: Editing Posts or Pages


Step 2: Embed videos, images and media into posts and pages



Step 3: Introduction to the Image Editor


Step 4: Edit Image in a Post or Page


Step 5: Set Featured Image for a Post or Page



Step 6: Delete an Image from a Post or Page


Step 7: Replace images in a Post or Page


Step 8: Creating Hyperlinks



Step 9: Edit Links


Step 10: Introduction to Post Excerpt


Step 11: Ordered and Unordered Lists in Posts and Pages



Step 12: Paste from MS Word into Posts and Pages


Step 13: Working with Quick Press


Step 14: Restore Page from Trash folder



Step 15: Restore Post from Trash folder


Step 16: Working with Tags


Step 17: Introduction to the visual editing formatting toolbar


Step 18: Trash a Page or Post


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